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Hi All, After probably 9 years of silence here, I'm back with some robotics :) As my 6yr son was eyeing on my good old BoeBot, I finally got into building him the … Read more

LMR logo kit

Hi Folks,

 today,  LMR's first Birthday,  you've all discovered the new LMR logo


Fritsl had the very good idea of a logo kit, available to everybody.

French version of the "start here" robot
This article is only a translation on fritsl's excellent tutorial, all credits goes to him. Read more
Shake your Groove thing!
Using a
Just a fun use of the continuous rotation servos.  First video is DiscoBot II, my entry to the Coolest DiscoBot Video Award   Read more
complete domotic and security system
Using a
NABOT, is not a bot. But could be considered as one  (remember that movie with the 'red eye' in the house?)   Purpose: At the origin, only have some cool touch … Read more
make a cheap servo rotate forever!
Here is how I've modified cheap e-bay servo for continuous rotation, Thanks to Oddbot for his explanations :)    Servo is a SG90 ,  equivalent to HXT900... and … Read more

GigaPan Epic, the Gigapixel robot tripod

I've just read some news about David Bergman, a guy who has taken a super panoramic gigapixel photography of Obama's inaugural address

This was done by merging 220 pictures taken with a robotic tripod.

(which is a really cool idea) 

here are the picture and GigaPan robot




    I'll detail here a simple implementation of a EIA485 bus with PICAXE RS485 : 3 wire bus (half duplex), upto 1200m (400ft) @ 200kbps ,  50 m @ … Read more