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Hello everyone I am working on a project that I would like to use speech recognition on. I have tried Microsoft Speech recognition and it does not do well at all, … Read more
The was the original post for MAX V2. I kept having issues with the center of gravity and occasionally falling over. I tried just about everything to fix this issue … Read more
Using Temperature and Distance finds a person
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Microbot is my attempt to build the smallest tracked bot that I could using an Arduino Nano and Sensor Shield. It has a 128x64 Oled mono screen that displays a … Read more
Navigate via IR Distance
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In the quest to build a robot that provides a function I decided to try and build a Floor Sweeper. I knew that building this would be a challenge. The biggest … Read more
This is my first Biped Bot using the Arduino Nano. Currently Mini-Max has the ability to detect an object in his path using the Sharp IR Sensor. The Bot is 5" Tall … Read more
For sometime I have wanted to do a Wall-E robot and have seen on many other sites where people have done them. I found one recently that was missing the remote but … Read more
So this is my first real Arduino robot project. I resisted using the Arduino for some time other than using it as a signal source back to a PC from a sensor. One … Read more
For some time now I have building robots and designing software. This is my very first robot that uses my traditional style of Windows Software but also … Read more
Meet Roamer. Roamer is a Quadraped Dog that uses a Windows 8.1 tablet for a brain and has a Logitec HD WebCam for a head. Roamer head is attached to a Pan/Tilt … Read more
Yet another robot project of mine. Who knows maybe the biped robot will take Roamer for a walk. This biped uses the following. 8x MG996R Servos 1x Veyron Servo … Read more