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Background & Motivation My goal was to develop a reusable OS that could support my bots or others...anywhere from small or medium bots like my Anna/Ava, to bots … Read more
This is an operating system for other people's robots.
Distributed Operating System for Robots – DOS for Robots? In the next few pages, I hope to clearly lay out the core problem as I see it in hobby robotics, and the … Read more


Makes Conversation, Answers Questions, Explores
Using a
This is Ava.  Ava is a friendly internet connected home companion robot that mostly likes to talk and learn new things.  To do this, she uses natural language … Read more

Blockchains, Ethereum, and a Safer SkyNet

I have been studying Ethereum and Blockchain technology for a few hours a day lately, mostly through Youtube videos.

This story started 8 yrs ago, with Satoshi Nakamoto...Who are you?

8 yrs ago, Satoshi unleashed modern cryto-currency concepts and code on the world.  These relied on something called "The BlockChain".  I don't have time to explain it here, think of it as the world's best record keeping system to date.  Look it up on Wiki if not familiar, because the rest of this post will not make any sense unless you understand the basics.

Unleashing Robot Intercourse

This topic is all about robot sex / mating / intercourse.  This is a serious topic, not a joke.  Organisms simply evolve a great deal faster when 2 parents can both provide input into the offspring (sexual) rather than from a single parent (asexual).  I have written simulators of these processes (virtual petry dishes), and the differences are stark.  The 2 parent model is infinitely better at evolution.  Why shouldn't robots evolve in this way too?

How could 2 robots mate?  How could they exchange DNA?  What would result?  

Memory Systems

I am curious as to what approaches different people would advocate for giving their robots the capacity to remember.

In order to hopefully stimulate some discussion, I'll mention a few approaches:

1.  Who needs memories?  Make stupid robots that just react but never get smarter.

2.  Use Files To Store Memories in Some Way...like pictures of faces, or data logs for sensors.

Learns by listening and the web. Talks, answers questions from her own memory or Wolfram, tells jokes, expresses opinions, quotes wiki or people, tracks heat or colors. Has reflex behaviors. Uses various web services. Has her own motivations that drive autonomy.
Using a
9/1/16 Update - The following is new since the last time I posted:  Read more

Prom Night...Robot Style

Check out Anna rocking a dress...Artie is killing me with the bow tie.  Classic.   I'm just glad there are chaperones there...

Prom Night

The Parallella Board?

I was wondering what people think of this board and the supercomputer that this guy built with them.

The Board:


This guy built his own supercomputer with 8 of them (each with 18 cores) wrapped around a gigabit switch and a couple of Intel I3 NUCs.

The Supercomputer: