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Raspberry Pi Project

Hey guys,

I'm starting out a project in which I want to build a Raspberry Pi Self Driving Robot. The basic tasks the robot will perform are:

  • Lane tracking using RPi Camera and OpenCV3 + Python
  • Obstacle detection with Ultrasonic sensor + input from RPi Camera(if possible)

The materials I currently plan to use in this project are:

Arduino motor control problems!


Update 06/11/2016

Hey guys,

I sort of got the motor working. Adding a small resistance(about 2-3ohms) in series with the motor seemed to stop the Atmega reseting whenever Pin 3 was pulled HIGH (still don't know for sure what was causing this!). I'll still continue t troubleshoot this problem and completely figure out what exaclty was causing the Atmega to reset, since the resistor is not a permanent solution (wasteful energy loss). I'm really grateful for the huge amount of help from here guys!! Thanks alot! :)


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Would the STM32F103C8T6 be enough for this project ?

I plan to build a robot that uses 4 encoders like these for each motor. Now I plan to use interrupts in order to calculate the RPM value based on the encoder signals. The code will also respond to the speed of the motor i.e. a sort of PID where the motor will spin slower when more torque is required.

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IR sensor array problem!

I'm working on a line follower and have run into  a problem with the sensor module!

I'm using an array of 5 IR leds and photodiode that gives inputs to 3 LM358s (2 sensors per chip)...the problem I'm facing is that the last IR leds pair doesnt seem to be giving any output.The other 4  leds work perfectly though and all have identical connections.