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Detects level of UVAB above 1 uW/cm2 and makes a sound alarm
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Arduino Day 2017 in London


I was impressed from the quality of projects, variety and visitors. This last Arduino Day in London was great, different than last year. We had fun, visitors, demonstrations and even a little party after!

I don't want to talk much, let's that some pictures talk by themselves:

Navigate around commanded by phone or autonomous. Can overcome obstacles higher than the tracks
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Casual LMR Meeting AFK in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, USA)


Hi there!

Just a few words to show you a meeting AFK (Away From Keyboards) we two of LMRians had today. It was in Philadelpia as I was visiting USA for work and Andrew (AKA ignoblegnome) was able to meet. So here you have some pictures:

Andrew and Francisco in Philadelphia

[SOLVED] Arduino ATTiny85 does not blink LED. Programmed with Arduino nano



I have an ATTiny85 and I want to start with the blink LED sketch but it does not work. Attached is the wiring:

ATTiny85 does not blink

I followed these instructions: http://forums.4fips.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=1080 for wiring, burn both bootloader and LED blink sketch with an Arduino nano as programmer (excepting I'm using 1.8.1 nightly Arduino IDE), and everything looks like going fine:


This is a review of the workshop on robotics I did last Owl Camp, February 2017
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