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written by Antonius Ringlayer www.ringlayer.com Kinematics is a branch of mathematics, physics and classic mechanical engineering.   There are 2 mostly used … Read more

Second Platform (reserved platform) and Separated Robotic Arm Platform

22 March Job done

Made The Platform for Arm

Today I've finished the platform for Inem robot arm which I developed separately. This platform consist of 6 dof robotic arm meanwhile the steering of the platform is created just like inem robot.


Navigate, head movement, controlled via android, camera to display image
inem's development start around January 2017. Videos : 1. Robot control using Android https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xuzahrUfqwg 2. Android Interface … Read more

A Robot Explains About Some Security Exploitation Technics

A Robot Explains About Some Security Exploitation Technics


A robot explains about some commonly used security exploitation technics, such as: buffer overflow, race conditions (can be on multithreaded software or electronic circuit with logic), sql injection

Video :

Demonstrating Haxtronic's artificial narrow intelligence : cracking wpa2 psk & reporting to internet

Today I have successfully Demonstrating Haxtronic Robot's artificial narrow intelligence skills: "cracking wpa2 psk & reporting the password to internet" on  hacking and security Training for "Agency For The Assessment And Application for Technology of Indonesia" as in the video:


Haxtronic is a robot that I currently developing and actually not finished yet, where it has some sort of artificial intelligence, logical thinking using fuzzy logic(also for nlp), computer vision and nlp (natural language processing).