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Second Platform (reserved platform) and Separated Robotic Arm Platform

22 March Job done

Made The Platform for Arm

Today I've finished the platform for Inem robot arm which I developed separately. This platform consist of 6 dof robotic arm meanwhile the steering of the platform is created just like inem robot.


A Robot Explains About Some Security Exploitation Technics

A Robot Explains About Some Security Exploitation Technics


A robot explains about some commonly used security exploitation technics, such as: buffer overflow, race conditions (can be on multithreaded software or electronic circuit with logic), sql injection

Video :

Demonstrating Haxtronic's artificial narrow intelligence : cracking wpa2 psk & reporting to internet

Today I have successfully Demonstrating Haxtronic Robot's artificial narrow intelligence skills: "cracking wpa2 psk & reporting the password to internet" on  hacking and security Training for "Agency For The Assessment And Application for Technology of Indonesia" as in the video:


Haxtronic is a robot that I currently developing and actually not finished yet, where it has some sort of artificial intelligence, logical thinking using fuzzy logic(also for nlp), computer vision and nlp (natural language processing).