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Remote control via Android/IOS App, autonomous control via logic, make R2D2 sounds, avoids obstacles
Who hasn't at some time in his or her life thought, "I wish I had an R2D2..."? R2 is surely the most famous robot ever, and its platform isn't all that unrealistic. … Read more

Rotating track flipper design

I see a few of these tracked robots that have a set of tracks that pivot 360 degrees around. I'm kinda stumped on how to build the flipping thing while still using COTS motors and tracks. Are all of these completely one offs, using some kind of custom-built sleeve that controls the pivot of the track, while the drive of the tracks is connected in the middle of the sleeve? How does this work? I've hopefully embedded a video that has an example of what I'm talking about. If you search youtube for "stair climbing robot" you'll run across a dozen or so different robots that use this design.

Navigate via RC control, fires Nerf gun, supports autonomous control via Raspberry Pi
Using a
This rover makes use of the following: CPPM RC radio input from openTx RC radio Arduino Nano to handle communcations from RC, Raspberry Pi via USB (not attached … Read more
Navigates around the attic via RC controller, transmitting video back to the controller.
I've had bats in my attic, or at least in the gable vents of my attic. I needed to inspect the situation, but I REALLY REALLY didn't want to physically go walking … Read more
This is a simple Arduino-based object-avoiding robot. It uses two inexpensive ultrasonic distance sensors, an Arduino Uno, four continuous rotation servos to drive, … Read more