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Call for Beta Testers

As you may already be aware, aside from product distribution, RobotShop also designs and manufactures products under various brands. We greatly value input / feedback from the community and have started a Beta testing program.

Tracked mobile platform using an Arduino USB microcontroller
Using a
The RobotShop Rover was largely created as an exercise in integration and when it was first released in 2009 there were not many commercial Arduino-based mobile … Read more

UP! Mini 2 - Changing Z-axis

Tiertime's UP! 3D printers offer great value and high quality. That is, unless something / someone accidentally breaks part of it. Wish I had taken more (and better) photos, but hopefully some of this will be useful.

Giant Robot Duel

Who saw the first "Giant Robot Duel"? In case you missed it, MegaBots Inc posted the entire match here:


Taking a look at their previous videos, one of our previous suppliers, Howe & Howe Tech gotexcited and even joined in to help:


Howe & Howe are different in that they actually design and produce real military vehicles. intended for the battlefield.

Normally robot grippers are designed to be used with specific robot arms or specific robots construction systems. What would it take to make a really inexpensive, … Read more