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Hi All,

Shout Box is Back Up!

Hi Everyone,

The shout box is back up and running. You can now turn it On or Off to your liking. It is default at Off, simply press the On button to start chatting.

The results after a Poll of two days concerning keeping the shout box or not showed the following results:

We are therefore glad to put it back up with a new feature.

Informative site about screw terminals

Screw terminals are a type of electrical connectors which connect a wire to a metal platform. The wire is secured into the terminal to form an electrical ground, which is an electric current. To secure the connection, the wire is usually secured into the terminal with a screw to prevent the connection from getting loose. Please follow the link to read more about screw terminals.

[rik_admin edit: changed the link, left this beautiful spam alone]

I/O expanders, instead of having only 8 outputs, are there any of them which have more than 8 outputs?

Instead of buying multiple 74HC165 chips and connecting a huge tangling mess to the brains and wasting huge amounts I/O pins which I should be using to do something else, I'll need I/O expanders which have more arms than legs, (More Output pins than input pins)

because my project is too awesome to deal with meer mortals, I need giants.

Servo Contoller, Timed Multiple Servo Control, (TIPS ONLY)

Anyone got any tips on how to do this?

Any idea?

I'm trying to make a servo controller which can control at least 12 servos, and it's timed with a 555 timer IC.

Any idea how I'm able to do that?

I'm only asking for tips, no solid information.

I'm doing this in DIY.

Create your own avatar!!! Anime fans only!!! Gaia Fans (optional)

Click here!


I don't play Gaia, but I just like making my own character!!!

Hence the Ninja pictures I created!


Note - The Hair cut is a "girls" Hair cut, If you want to use it with boys body, select girls body first, select the Haircut and then select boys body, and there, Girls Haircuit with Boys body.