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Arm no.5

This is the 5th arm i have made with 4 DOF

its the smallest one yet

it has a reach of 1000 mm

and a grab area of 15mm

its a standard arduino with a servo expansion board

programmed to take 3 coins from the user and deposit them

in the container on the back of the robot

it then lifts an object from A-B and then back again in a loop




new cover for arm and new claw

new claw and new cover for 3rd arm

video of it working https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7jjW0tXF90

Both Arms

A brief moment in history when both arms i have built from lolly pop sticks and spit


this minor miracle of alignment of stars was worthy of a blog entry.


LCD display for Arduino how hard can it be ?

Yeah so i thought i would have a play with an LCD display.

How hard can it be I foolishly thought.

in my ignorance I assumed they were all pretty much the same and spoke the same language.

My problem came when I wanted to talk with it on the UNO.

All the libraries are different.

Not being a good programer I tend to womble a bit of code from here and there,

and go off and do the fun stuff of building it,

and eventually get it to do what I want.

This becomes a bit of problem when the sketches are

made for different hardware.

second aduino arm

This is the

second arm i built

bigger base servo

better claw

more repeatable and less wobble


video of it working

picks up object

drops it at top of slide

repicks object

This is my first attempt at an arm

My first attempt at an arduino uno arm

4x micro servers

lollypop sticks

bent paperclips

and a whole load of hot glue

etc etc

powered by farnell 5v supply as very jittery on batteries


you tube video of it working (sort of)

first attempt at an arm

this is my first attempt at an arm

so keep the giggles to a minimum

when i power it from batteries 4xAA 6v its very jittery

but when i power it from a 5v mains supply its fine

what am i doing wrong ?