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Update 21th November 2017: I published an instruction with Arduino code and 3D files for printing on the Arduino Project Hub. Have a look … Read more
Final edit 9th November 2016: I think that I with the current code have achieved the goals of this robot. It moves fairly stable and predictable, see the second … Read more

Modelling a Servo Spline

I have wanted to design my own servo arms for my robots without the need to attach the servo horns to them. With a 3D printer available I wondered if it was possible to manufacture hubs for the spline on the servo shaft. The problem was to know the geometry of the spline. I am not the only one to be frustrated about this it seems when I google on "SG-90 spline". Many have asked the question on forums but there hasn't been any clear answers on how the geometry of the splines look.

This is a small project that I spent some time with during the second half of 2015. Now, after letting it rest for six months, I started looking into it again. The … Read more