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Build an occupancy grid map from sensor data
Using a
Would like to share some details on a 2D Robot mapping software I am currently working on. I have including a video of a robot using a map generated by this … Read more
Log test data from a fatigue testing machine
I helped a friend in coding a data logging software for a custom built fatigue testing machine and would like to share. 1.1 Introduction Read more
Fertilize Corn
Using a
Some of my friends wanted to build an autonomous robot to fertilize corn and they asked my help in programming it. Would like to share the result. Read more
Sort pepper by color, quantity and weight
Would like to take the time to share a Mechatronics project built by my friends and I. I have attached the project report and video for your perusal. Read more
Hi All. I will like to share one of my mechatronics class projects I did with a group of friends. We set out to build a Stair climbing robot. I have attached a copy … Read more