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So who is Cole? My first word as a child was "car" (supposedly I had pointed at one too when I said it) - which was a good indication of my growing passion for technology. I grew up loving LEGO, designing and building things; from putting together model airplanes or cars to designing a bridge made of spaghetti noodles. I went into Mechanical engineering with the hope that it would involve significant design and development, but it turned out to be almost entirely theoretical. My passion for robotics in particular emerged during a CAPSTONE course where after three years of theory, at last we could build something! I put together a team of four mechanical engineering students, two electrical and two programming students set out to design and build a large quadruped walking robot from scratch. At the time we couldn't find any sites specifically for robotics, let alone anyone who could guide us as to where to start, where to get parts or even how best to proceed. We learned a lot from that project and really saw the need for not only a place where you could find all the parts used to build robots, but also a community where enthusiasts could share what they had done so others could learn from their experience, discuss ideas, get help and more.

Since graduating I've been involved in quite a number of projects (which I plan to start sharing here) from making quick and dirty robots at home to commercial products here at RobotShop in my role as senior engineer. I'm one of the many people who has developed a passion for robotics (and technology in general) outside of school and see a great need for LMR. Much of what I have learned (not just robotics related) has come from other enthusiasts and individuals who are passionate about what they do and were happy to teach it others. I do my best to take that approach in life and it gives me great pleasure both learning from and teaching others.