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My name is Craig. I am relatively new to the tinkering game; having forgotten all of my secondary school electronics education I suddenly, inexplicably found myself drawn back in.

Considering myself more a software guy over hardware, I got myself an Arduino and cracked on rattling through the beginner's projects, and the thirst has grown tremendously! For a long time I was a lurker; never really building anything, but picking up plenty of valuable tips and hints from a variety of sources. In fact, I picked up a heap from the site's veterans et al at their various previous online homes.

My first 'real' project was something for my son; a hacked Wall-e toy. It was simple; an arduino with a motor shield, some servos and a bluetooth module, but it paved the way to me expanding my knowledge; picking up Python to write a PC-based remote control, and also further iterations of Arduino Wall-e's :-)

Most recently I created a Raspberry Pi-based video player for my boy - I will be putting my write up on here soon! I have attached a copy of a competition entry I made featuring the Pi Player. This project, along with other non-robotic projects are documented on my Hackaday.io page:


I'm a massive fan of Bob, MobBob, and PopPet. I currently have two, with the third hopefully on the way :-)

My aims

  • To get better with my coding; Python, C/C++ et al.
  • To expand my microcontroller knowledge.
  • To learn to 2D/3D design.
  • To create a small, educational bot akin to Bob, MobBob & PopPet based on a Raspberry Pi!