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I am a 17 year old living outside a rural border town in canada, and I love robotics. I have a massive lego collection, and a large affection to it, and this sometimes shows in my robots, especially when they are thrown together in an afternoon. I have a good understanding of electronics, a passible knowledge of mechnics (mostly taught by experimentation with lego) some very poor but constantly improving programing skills, and finally some awful spelling :) My favorite microcontroler used to be the picaxe line, but I have recently started to get on board with this whole arduino thing. My favorite building materials are plastic pipe, lego, zip ties, and hot glue. When I'm not building robots, you can usually find me at school, (sigh....) snowboarding/skiing, or flying, I have both a Transport Canada Glider pilots licence, and a TC Private pilots licence.

My youtube channel is here: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2zR7OK_Nnosqohbhwi6xSw/videos

I also have a blog that I try to update semi-regularly at: http://boomsandbots.blogspot.ca/