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I'm an Electronic Engineer, and robotics is my main hobby. I started electronics with some books at the age of 7...

My father had some old books about electrical engineering, valves and radio, and I remember spending loads of time just wandering through them... I also started very early to dissassamble and try to re-assamble any kind of electrical devices. Usualy with more discovering than success to make them work again. Here you can see my own first book about electronics experiments for children:

Electronics experiments book for children

My first book on electronics: the Scientific Guide of Electronics Experiments

I have to say that I learnt a lot about resilience on electrical engineering with this book: many experiments didn't work, but as you see I didn't quit, and finally they started to work like a charm! Very soon I discovered you can do experiments with nearly everything, it was the time of the A-Team (you need a plan) and MacGyver and his endless inspiration...

MacGyver and his endless inspiration...

His name even became a verb: let's MacGyver it!


With 15 years old I build a robotic arm with DC motors controlled by PWM, switches as sensors, and all managed through the parallel port of a Spectrum +3 Microcomputer (1988).


My first robot. By @Franciscodr 1988. Let's Make Robots

Sketch of my first robot made on solid wire prestressd (sorry for the drawing, not pictures at that time)


Spectrum +3

My first brand new computer: Spectrum +3 128 KB. I fried it for the sake of robotics... I'll tell you one day how


The structure of the robotic arm was solid iron 2mm prestressed... by hand, hey it worked! It is very strong and light, and you can make any 3D shape with it plus a soldering iron. I learnt about it when practicing soldering wires in my first year of Technical Secondary School. On that time, during my free time I was learning PWM, relays control board and other electronics technology thanks to some electronics journals like Elektor and Resistor (Internet was not there yet for the many).

Elektor journals

Elektor electronics magazine, I read them like crazy


Resistor Spanish magazine

Resistor spanish electronics magazine, pictures not as beautiful as Elektor but very useful too for learning

I studied about microprocessors during my HNC in Electronics, and even more during my Degree in Spain and UK. For my final year Project I did an Evaluation Project for teaching and learning microcontrollers (on that time I was already interesting on the pedagogical side or technology). I did it with a basic but powerful PIC16F84 microcontroller.

I developed a main board and six experiments on several boards that served as hardware, I also developed the software and the training book. Here is a picture of the main board:


Main board with a PIC16F84 for teaching-learning experiments. Final Project of BEng(Hons) Electronic Engineering

The main board with a PIC for my BEng(Hons) Electronic Engineering Degree project

Nowdays I help technically on electronic and control projects as Technical Support Specialist for a top company of lighting control systems. In my free time I enjoy my family and I practice my main hobbies which are robotics and electronics. Sometimes I participate on related events attending, giving presentations or workshops. I also publish as much as I can here in this website and also in my Twitter and Instagram. See you around and LMR! ;-)