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I am currently an intern at the Boca Bearing Company where I do robotic projects and STEM related projects. As an intern, I have to document the steps to complete a project as well as obstacles that I faced during the project. I must also document parts, prices, and where I got the parts from. The documenting of the projects that I have done so far can be seen in the company's blog at http://bocabearingsworkshop.blogspot.com/. The projects that I have done so far are as follows:

  • Simple Line Follower with Arduino
  • Wirelessly Controlled 3D Printed Robotic Hand
  • Simple Robotic Arm Made of Cardboard Pieces
  • Autonomous Rover (Current Project in the Final Stages)
  • Small Electric Kart for the Power Racing Series (Next Project)

There are also other projects that have been done by others at the company's blog. I'm also currently a senior Mechanical Engineering Student at Florida Atlantic University.

Boca Bearings is also holding an Innovation Contest where people can submit a video of their robotic or mechanical project that uses bearings. You can win a 3D Printer or a GoPro Camera. The grand prize is $5,000. So if you have a project that in any way uses bearings, you can submit a video of it and enter the contest. For rules and entries so far, check out http://www.bocabearings.com/innovation-contest/