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Jack “JAX” Schiller

My start in electronics was a Radio Shack 100-in-1 kit. That was the first seven-segment LED I burned up as well. I remember my first robot was a kit that changed direction when you clapped. Years later the OMNI magazine's "Photovore" got my robotic interest rekindled. It's too bad that was long before the internet and Digikey. Not too long ago I googled the Photovore and I got interested in BEAM. That subsequently evolved into a PICAXE passion that opened the floodgates.


Finished bots:

Other creations I've chalked up as complete:

  • PICAXE Board Type 1 for smaller PICAXE chips


Current projects near completion:

Projects that are well on their way:


Projects I spend time and money on but are still in their infancies:

Things I've tried that have failed or are stuck in their tracks somehow (expense, technique, components, knowledge, etc):

  • Biomimetic solar plant
  • Strings of warm white LED mini paper lanterns powered by QLF circuits
  • GPS-guided UAV 4-channel traditional helicopter


Proto-projects that are more ideas than works-in-progress:

  • An entrant to a Mech Warfare event
  • Some sort of CnC machine or 3D printer
  • A patrol robot to frighten mammals out of my garden
  • A talking smarthouse
  • An anthropomorphic robot that uses both speech synthesis and speech recognition
  • A robot that will open and pour a beer, perhaps with a Rube Goldberg touch