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I was a maker before the term was coined. When I was younger I would take apart anything just to see how it works. I remember taking a Big Trax's and attaching a Timex Sinclair to it to control it. That was many years ago and since then there has been many projects from the large of taking a Yamaha MX360 Dirt bike motor and putting on a Go-Cart that would do wheelies to the small. My father was a radio communication specialist in the army and when he left the service he went to school for electronics. My early education in electronics came from my father. At the age of 13 I bought my first computer a Timex Sinclair and thats when the fun began as I would study programming for hours on end until I figured out every line in the code. I graduated to a Color Computer II and then a III and then onto the 386 and now what we have. I went to school for two years for Industrial Electronics what a bore that was. I am a MCSE A+ Certified Computer Technician and two certifications in Networking. I went to school for software development back in the 90's before programming was the in thing like it is now. that all I have to say and I am not going to say anything else... :)