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About Me

I have been part of the RobotShop team for almost 9 years and have worked on many robotics hands on projects as well as more administrative tasks along the way. I help in many areas at RobotShop and some colleagues even call me the Octopus. 

My enthusiasm for robots started at around 10 years old; being lucky enough to be in one of the few schools to have a robotics class. We assembled and programmed a robotic bottle sorting machine, including an arm and several bins to store different color bottles. I still remember it like it was yesterday. We were 3 or 4 in my team and I was the only one interested in programming the "Robot" to sort the proper color bottles in the proper bins. Since then, I have been facinated by robotics and electronics and how things work. I therefore studied in Robotics, Electronics and Instrumentation and worked on many projects in school from making my own power supply to programming in Assembly language...Yes even if never used after that.

After college I had a contract at L3-Communications as a support technologist for technicians working with Motoman robot arms that made repair modifications on F18 airplanes for the Army. I also worked on a point cloud project to transfer points taken by the robotic arm to Solid works to help in using the correct data for different airplanes needing the modification, making the process more automated than measuring with a ruler or vernier ans also more precise. After all these things need to fly again. 

After the L3-Communuications contract, and a small vacation in Florida, I found RobotShop, a growing company in Robotics not even 30 minutes away. A miracle to find a job so perfect without 3 hours of traffic a day in and out of the city. I started working at RobotShop as a domestic robot specialist, repairing domestic robots, answering technical support questions and suggesting proper robots for customers environments. I learned a lot about domestic robots, that is not taught in school and how to repair them with research, and trial and error. Starting with robot vacuums and quickly adding, robot pool cleaners, robot mowers and robot litter-boxes. I programmed my own Roomba diagnosis interface in C# in 2007 when this was not very current and proper tools were not available to connect to the robot easily.

Repairing many robots, we needed help and I was promoted to supervisor of the repair department. During this time, the tech team and myself worked on many R&D projects such as the Humanitation project the Robokut Collective project (This project consists in displaying the ability for robots to work together in order to perform a certain task).

Over the years, I have grown with RobotShop and new products and opportunities. After the aqcuisition of Lynxmotion in 2012, I started managing the kitting department that takes care of assembling the various Lynxmotion kits. Then being more and more involved in product selection, branding, content and ensuring amazing customer service I now serve as VP Consumer Robots Division at RobotShop.

You see me posting projects, questions, asking for suggestions, posting of changes to help LMR grow etc. 

We are here to help and listen. My virtual door is always open.