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About me and my robots:

I'm a computer scientist by education and work at the Technical University of Denmark (aka DTU) as a systems developer. Every year at DTU there is a robot competition called DTU Robocup (http://robocup.dtu.dk) where robots have to go through a course earning points for doing various tasks and this competition is what motivated me to learn about building robots - and it is still the major motivator for my robot projects.

I mostly build robots using LEGO but I also have an R/C car which I'm gradually turning into a robot.

I use the following microcontrollers besides the LEGO bricks: PICAXE 40X1, Atmel ATtiny26, LPC-2106, LPC-2148 and I have a CMUCam3 (which uses an LPC-2106) for image processing.

Projects I'd like to complete:

  • I2C motor controller which can also be used as an electronic speed regulator for my R/C car (Schematic is just about finished)
  • I2C line sensor compatible with NXT MINDSTORMS (Schematic is just about finished)
  • Robot that can clean moss from tiles using CMUCam3 for image processing
  • Line follower using artificial neural network
  • Line follower using fuzzy control
  • Robot for DTU Robocup that doesn't really follow the line but rather sees the obstacles and goes straight for them.

My current goal:

To win DTU Robocup... but there is a looooong way and the competion is pretty darn tough :-)