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Jp - Community Manager


I'm Jp - nice to meet you :)  I'm the Community Manager here at RobotShop, on a mission to foster the largest and best robotics community in the world!

I’m 25. I’m a Quebec-adopted Frenchman. I’ve been doing Community Management for quite some time now on various scales and various sectors (as a freelance, for non-profits, and worldwide corporations and for topics ranging from indie magazines to video games with millions of users). On the side, I’m also a photographer. 

That being said, I’d like to highlight here that I also have a maker side. I can’t count how much Lego and K’nex pieces have been laying around in my bedroom as a kid. I also took technology classes in middle school where I built various projects. Lately my prime interest has been on drones (I happen to run the leading french-speaking website about all things drones on the side). But I think that robotics are here to improve the future of humanity and better serve us in the future. And obviously, I’m eager to learn more about all things robotics :D

I guess that’s a pretty decent sum up of who I am and what I do!

Feel free to reach out anytime!