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Kariloy "WWK" Markief


I try to make hybrid (as far as material sources go) robots, so one robot will may end up with a mix of factory-made specific parts, plastic leftovers and even twigs I picked of the street if need be. Also I'm on the Hot Glue side of the force :P ...my engineering/craftman skills leave much to be desired... but hey, I'm doing all of this for fun (and secret world domination on weekends and religious holidays)!

Recently (April 2012) I started dabbling in electronics, in a mostly "monkey-sees-monkey-does" kind of practical electronics, but in the process I try to learn the hows and whys as far as I can (and/or time/mind allows).

I'm armed (with a solder iron) and dangerous (mostly to myself and my boards)! As of February 5th 2014 I've joined the 3D printing crowd with my long awaited Makibox A6 HT Black, my own unit was cheesily nicknamed (by me) as "Pandora" :D

Furthermore nowdays I stick mostly to the shadows were I plot unspeakable plans to bring about the doom of all!

Sometimes, when I'm in the right mood, I even blog some of my adventures at fumbletronics.com.