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My name is Lukas and I am 14 years old  .I am in front of important decisions: What should I do in the future? What kind of job should I have in the future? And especially at which High school should I go? It is hard to make a choice especially when I am only 14.

But one thing I know. In the future I want to work with technologies because I like technologies very much. I think, everybody should do what they like. It is good when you enjoy your job, you go to your job  lucky and you have got smile on your face. And I want to do what I like.

I started programming in Python but I realized that I like more programming robots with Arduino. I think, it is better when you see something moving than only see that programme something print on the screen. But I said, that I will also program in Python because it could be useful to know something program in Python or C++.I tried to make game Ships. It is something like field of water(so it isthe  sea) and you must write on which position you would like to shoot cannonball. For example  C6. If you hit a ship ,it will print on this position H(hit) and if you do not hit, it will print w(water). You will win if you hit all ships. It is not very hard to program this but on the beginning it is good.

I have made my first robot. Here is a link https://www.robotshop.com/letsmakerobots/robotic-arm-0 . My robotic arm is made of wood but I want to make robots from plastic so I have decided to build 3D printer like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iB3qmtRWZQY . I know it will be hard but I will try to make it. I do not know a lot of about 3D printer and about robots so I am glad that in LMR are people , who helps others. I am looking forward to chat  with you in Slack.


to get better with coding in Python

to make a 3D printer

to learn better English

and my the biggest aim is to build humanoid robot with AI and Speech Recognition