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ten sixtynine “rik” without a -c-

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My blog. My bots. My sketches and youtube, vimeo. My Ustream.tv channel. Files that I cannot host here on LMR are here.

These are the projects I daydream about (at night I browse LMR).

  • Luxo medior: hopping desk lamp. somewhere between Luxo jr and Luxo sr in size.
  • LMR writing robot. Stenciled font cut from a paper tape? Computer mouse recording/playing back its moves?
  • Reprogram a Linksys WRT54x  to control anything via RS232 or GPIO. Probably will involve a micro controller.
  • Poor man's robovision using cheap lenses and LDR's. And a microcontroller. And maybe a laser pointer.
  • Tracked wooden coffee table
  • symbiotic, windeating, nomadic foragers
  • outdoors beacon navigation system
  • The WRT54GL, flashing an LED
  • Theo Jansen style legs
  • The Pulse
  • DarwinBot