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Hello everyone. It's been a while since I posted my last project, so I decided to share a new job in a nutshell. If anyone is interested, I can add more details. Read more
This robot uses hoverboard motors and custom electronics for driving 4 sensored BLDC motors. The robot is still in development phase. I plan to publish all CAD … Read more
Hello LMR once again! This is me Noah with another robot project. So I was at the dump one day and all of a sudden I saw a robot in the trash. It was a Neato robot … Read more


Makes Conversation, Answers Questions, Explores
Using a
This is Ava.  Ava is a friendly internet connected home companion robot that mostly likes to talk and learn new things.  To do this, she uses natural language … Read more
I was selected to review the LIDAR-Lite 3 Laser Rangefinder High Performance. Being that all of my projects use some sort of object avoidance or detection this was … Read more
Detects rocket launch, apogee and descend to open a parachute
Hello! After the previous successful but heavy automatic parachute system* *(If you didn't see the previous article please visit it here, as it has all the … Read more
Hello everyone I am working on a project that I would like to use speech recognition on. I have tried Microsoft Speech recognition and it does not do well at all, … Read more
Introduction EM4 Educational Motorized Robot Kit OWI-891 is rated for age 8+ and allowes to build 4 different types of robots. Here, I'm going to describe only … Read more
reacts to sound or light changes performing arms and head movements
I'm building an humanoid robot based in Kraftwerk band ones. The robot has two servos, five DC motors and five potentiometers for measure the position of them. … Read more
'Recreation In Slowness' In contrast to the digital revolution, ZENrobot paints his circles very slowly. It's a kind of meditation watching this robot scratching … Read more
TacoBot is a stackable coding robot designed for children aged 4 and up. Different functioning Tacobot is ready to play right after stacking. He teaches kids to … Read more
This project aims to build an "smart" robot lawnmower using open technology.  Follow the build log here : … Read more
  Hi everyone, I finally finished my first robot. It is wooden arm with 4 servos. I was inspirated by Pinaut, who made this robot: … Read more
4 axis robot arm with a small gripper and teach function. (In fact: it is a 3 axis robot) This robot can follow. This robot can learn. And this robot can repeat … Read more
Obstacle Avoidance Via Ultrasonic sensor and Remote Controll Via Web App and Wireless Keyboard Control.
Using a
This is a 6 Wheeled Drive Robot Rover it is 18" Long 9" wide 15" wide if you count the wheels And 8" High it is powered by a Raspberry Pi with 3 L298N Motor Drivers … Read more
I always liked Dickels MD#3, but I don't have the time to craft it out of styrene, so it's mostly printed and uses left over parts from other robots. The base was … Read more
It can walk on any terrain, can even climb stairs.
RHex is a six-legged robot with inherently high mobility. Powerful, independently controlled legs produce specialized gaits that devour rough terrain with … Read more
Have started a project where the goal is to create a slef balancing rover robot 120mm wheels 12mm hex hub (wheel/nema) Read more
After a long time without robot projects I decided to make a new one that I can use to play with. I always wanted to continue the development and add new features … Read more
simulate the Automation of modern manufacturing technologies ,Robotic Arms manufacturing
I have always Read more
will navigate by gps and compass
Using a
First robot. Hacking up examples from everywhere and putting them together. Have discovered some neat things to share with other trying to do this. Working on the … Read more
     UPDATE @ April 2, 2018      Hello LMR!      Another looong time since last update. This robot stayed about a year abandoned in my lab getting … Read more
April 11th 2018 Update : The Items Used have changed. I Will Update Soon... project : 17 DOF humanoid Robot     Components Used : Read more
Use simple hand vacuum. Also WiFi connection (esp8266-12). Lua codes web server to connection. Limit switches for motion forward and rear. Bot remembers sequence of … Read more
Annabelle is a human-sized robot that is a collaboration between Martin Triplett of Red-Sky robotics, and Bot Party, a collective of enthusiasts of … Read more
Just a video of some things I did with my robotic arm. Lots of robotic arms in the closet I imagine, time for them to come out. Read more