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  hello guys... this is our project... Smartphone Controlled Arduino Robot Car via Bluetooth With G-sensor app..that the robot will move depending on the slope … Read more
Hi I'm currently building a robotic arm as a graduation project, which I named A.R.M. (Articulated Robotic Manipulator). I would like to add that I'm following some … Read more
This Is my current project, a super powered catapult. Frame is 2inch angle iron and is currently powered by a snowplow spring. To draw it back I am using a 2000 … Read more
This is my first project so far. I have got the basic forward system almost working, and was wondering if anybody had any tips/improvements? It runs straight and I … Read more
For sometime I have wanted to do a Wall-E robot and have seen on many other sites where people have done them. I found one recently that was missing the remote but … Read more
Remote control via Android/IOS App, autonomous control via logic, make R2D2 sounds, avoids obstacles
Who hasn't at some time in his or her life thought, "I wish I had an R2D2..."? R2 is surely the most famous robot ever, and its platform isn't all that unrealistic. … Read more
This project is about implementing a short and relatively easy Arduino sketch to provide XYZ inverse kinematic positioning. I had built a 6 servo robotic arm but … Read more
Bluetooth remote controlled robot capable of taking pictures
Using a
Ar-Du is finally finished.   The block diagram: Read more
Catch things
Using a
     Hello guys!      Today (September 7th) is holiday in Brazil (Independence Day) and a good day to make some robotic stuff. And as I'm waiting to got … Read more
The garden robot is a project i started 1 1/2 years ago. I got the idea after the FarmBot Was launched on kick starter. I like the idea that a robot could plant … Read more
It all started one day when I was working on my old CNC engraver last summer at my makerspace. Someone went up to me and said "You should work on this CNC. You have … Read more
Description This is my 3rd version of the Schreibotics Fabricator. My first was a kit bought from Geeetech. The second was a failed attempt at making a 3D printer. … Read more
I'm working on an educational robot: Anedubot. Anedubot is designed to achieve different behaviors: G-to-goal.Avoid obstacles.Line Follower. Object detection.Pick … Read more
Navigate via IR Distance
Using a
In the quest to build a robot that provides a function I decided to try and build a Floor Sweeper. I knew that building this would be a challenge. The biggest … Read more
The was the original post for MAX V2. I kept having issues with the center of gravity and occasionally falling over. I tried just about everything to fix this issue … Read more
Background & Motivation My goal was to develop a reusable OS that could support my bots or others...anywhere from small or medium bots like my Anna/Ava, to bots … Read more
Description Hey guys!!! I 3D printed this a while ago. It is work in progress though because the servo motors on it don't work. Fortunately everything else does … Read more
  Before we start What is the sumo robot? It is a self-control robots with specific dimensions and features, it is also designed in a Hostile shape which qualify … Read more
It 's my first step to build a robot, controlled from Android phone. Robot alone, uses stepper motors in microstep mode. The movement of robot can be controlled … Read more
I made this little solar bug because a friend told me about his battery powered 'disposable' toothbrush (Oral-B PULSAR). This brush is like a regular manual brush … Read more
Automated Juggling machine -Case Study of closed loop SystemWhat is Feedback Read more
Hi all, I have started building a new robot with the purpose to keep my dog company during the day when I am at work. I have decided to document the entire process … Read more
Drives around wifi controlled
Designed the frame with inkscape, got a friend to print it out with his self-made cnc out of polycarbonate. Very small, less than 10cm * 10cm, low enough to fit … Read more
When attached to your wrist, it makes you feel the environment cooler.
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I am looking to build a track robot, but I'm on a budget. So I can buy on for more than $150 or so. I see so many options, but I am looking for one that will … Read more