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Snail Light Seeker This creature roams through the environment and seeks for light sources. If an object is too close it reverses motion and turns around, then … Read more
This is my first robot.  Based off of the walk through offered on this site.  I used a PICAXE 28x1 pretty much all of the same parts used in the 1st how-to.  … Read more
Navigate eventualy
Using a
This is my first robot im attepting to build, I want it to do the basic things to start with such as to avoid obsticals and such.The base is made of some ply wood i … Read more
Nothing as free as the start here robot. But i had all ready invested in it before i found this site. And  as it turns out there seams to be a lot of things left … Read more
Goal:  Make a robot that draws and takes some of the same commands as KTurtle.  Eventually this robot will draw using a marker through the hole of the CD.  I … Read more
navigate around with IR and avoid stuff
Using a
This is igor, my first robot.  His brains are a Make controller, a SAM7-based microcontroller which I gotta say was NOT the cheapest but for the most part is a joy … Read more
Navigate around avoiding obstacles
Using a
From all the inspiration i got from reading posts by you guys, i thought of doing the same thing - creating a robot on my own. Thanks for the awesome work guys, … Read more
navigate around
Using a
Inspired by Igor and one of idaniel's robots, I've decided to build what will hopefully be my first robot. Read more
Seeks out tinfoil balls!
Using a
This is the reaplcement to Ant v2, almost the same specifications, has newer SMT memory and more SMT parts and is .5" smaller all around.   This is a retired robot … Read more
Navigates via ultrasound
Using a
Hi all, new to the group. Here's my first robot project ever - "SprintBot"  I do laser engraving and cutting as a business, so the chassis of the bot was fairly … Read more
Once robot 1 (off track) drives onto the circled tracks, it converts power (turns on) robot 2 (on track) .      Both are autonomous Robot 1 is Robot 2's on … Read more
object avoidance, auto or remote, expandability for peripherals
Using a
Now that i can do SketchUp  this allows me to plan my next robot a little better. I am recycling parts from my first robot Kaboodle … Read more
Scurry around and run into stuff
Using a
I wanted to build something quick and fun with my newfound PIC knowledge. I had been wanting to build my own version of Frits' Little 8 for a while, so I decided … Read more
track arond, avoid obsticles, fires 6mm BB bullets, auto magic totaly
bought this rc tank but i have turned it totaly automagic. i will upload pics and vids but for now im looking for my camrecorder it was rc but now i have replaced … Read more
NOT TO SCALE  :-P  Out of town right now, and was inspired by vince to model the project I'll be working on when I get back. This is Murr, will be a quick and … Read more
I don't know what it will be, anyway it's happening now... Read more
Virtual Simulator for explorer mobile robot
Last year I made a virtual simulator as part of my Masters Degree research using Matlab’s tolboxes of VRML and Simulink for controlling the famous K-team’s … Read more
So here are some rough sketches of my first robot. I'm going to order the parts today, all of which are in the start here robot:) But I'm going to change it up a … Read more
First of all, let me say I LOVE this site, it's exactly what I've been looking for for quite some time - Keep up the good work!! I've been messing about with … Read more
So far just a Stepper motor hooked up!
Strange, some Google videos are down. Link to the one down now when writing this, here. Update: So I thought; With 360 degrees overview, I am unbeatable, I can … Read more
Object Avoidance Navigation
Using a
Started out building a basic rover that uses IR for navigation.  It's been a long wait, waiting for various parts, reading up on connectors, components, basics, … Read more
Hey Im ted, 14, and im making my first bot, im thinking about making just a small square bot with treads, and i would like to make it an R/C, i dont know how i … Read more
just walks around aimlessley...
Using a
this is a plan/design/idea/i don't know what i am doing. this is my very first robot plan. so if you could help me in any way please do. i am planning on using a … Read more
Object Avoidance & Scheda worship
Using a
Well, here's to starting my first robot! This bot is going to be the standard first robot that's shown here. It will have the standard two wheels, but I will be … Read more
As this is make a recycled robot week, I have decided to put together a little object avoiding robot using a few bits ripped out of an old miniature line following … Read more
This robot is in its early stages. construction. There is still loose cables and all, but it should be pretty awsome. i think everyone loved fritz's yellow drum … Read more
Here is my first go around with Sketchup. I realize it SUCKS, but I can't figure out that dang rotate tool. My thought is that a rack gear would be moved by a servo … Read more
This is based off of the "First Robot" tutorial and uses the Arduino Decima board instead of Picaxe; it's also the first robot I've ever built. Read more