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Navigates around the attic via RC controller, transmitting video back to the controller.
I've had bats in my attic, or at least in the gable vents of my attic. I needed to inspect the situation, but I REALLY REALLY didn't want to physically go walking … Read more
An Idea appeared in my mind a question Why did not make a robot to do some cool staff? then I have already started to learn programming of electrical circuits, and … Read more
This is my first Biped Bot using the Arduino Nano. Currently Mini-Max has the ability to detect an object in his path using the Sharp IR Sensor. The Bot is 5" Tall … Read more
In this post I wish to outline the build of a compact indoor autonomous car using neural network for navigation. The setup can be used to train and validate … Read more
Hello all, I wanted to share my latest project. I have wanted to build a security driven machine for years. I sourced a couple Jazzy scooters to use their frame , … Read more
Hello again! After some months without publishing here we are again! Today I bring a new project I've been working for months already: a water rocket with automatic … Read more
Intro   Hello to everyone :) I'm Łukasz and I want to share with you the process of design and building my robot Dzik Rover. It's my very first project, therefore … Read more
I am planning an art installation for the 2018 Burning man event . It is to be titled Ralph's Robot Wreckers I am looking for help with the animation and light, … Read more
This is a small project that I spent some time with during the second half of 2015. Now, after letting it rest for six months, I started looking into it again. The … Read more
Hi All, After probably 9 years of silence here, I'm back with some robotics :) As my 6yr son was eyeing on my good old BoeBot, I finally got into building him the … Read more
The robot moves avoiding obstacles and choosing the best way to follow by ultrasound.
Using a
The programming code is attached here as a .txt file. Download it and paste the text on the Arduino compiler. Remember to add the IRremote library (also attached … Read more
Hi all, I introduce you my project called Pavlov about building a quadruped robot totally from scratch. I am recording everything for youtube in order to show … Read more
Control the domotics of the house. Speech recognition. Synthesis of voice. Explains jokes, stories, riddles. Search information on the internet. Reports news, weather. Facial and object recognition, video surveillance, etc.
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DOMO5 aims to be a domestic robot of company and help and support. Read more
Navigate using ultrasound, infrared and (soon to be added) laser tof.
Using a
Robot Ardi is my latest platform for playing with machine intelligence experiments. I have built it up to the point that you see here in the pictures. … Read more
Gadget is a robot that I first built in the 1990's starting from an R/C truck chassis and a custom-built 68HC11 low-level controller and a 386 PC for primary … Read more
This is an operating system for other people's robots.
Distributed Operating System for Robots – DOS for Robots? In the next few pages, I hope to clearly lay out the core problem as I see it in hobby robotics, and the … Read more
Made to experiment with visual navigation and object manipulation
  MILO is the successor build to ScoutBot 1402, and re-uses many of the components from that robot.  Since he is the second attempt at a large robot, there is a … Read more
11/16/17 9:57 PM Hi everyone. So I looked at Hopper’s legs again, and realized that both legs were on the same poles- both legs could only move to the same place … Read more
  As a quick disclaimer, I am completely self taught in all areas we'll be discussing below (I'm a Tattoo Artist/illustrator). I'm joining this community in hopes … Read more
So I am starting a WALL-E project with my kids.  I like robots, they like WALL-E, its a fit :-) I am using square steel tubing, wheel chair motors, 2 Deep Cycle … Read more
So this is my very first robot build, have been wanting to build something since my little boy was born 2 years ago. Read more
Using the Super Servo idea from a previous project, steering was added to a tricycle. Drive is a razer scooter motor and a new rain cheapo esc. Skeleton was zip … Read more
Hey to everyone. I am new to this and I love this site. I have always love robots for over30 years. You could say I am old school.well, here is one of my old … Read more
Normally robot grippers are designed to be used with specific robot arms or specific robots construction systems. What would it take to make a really inexpensive, … Read more


Makes Conversation, Answers Questions, Explores
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This is Ava.  Ava is a friendly internet connected home companion robot that mostly likes to talk and learn new things.  To do this, she uses natural language … Read more