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Step 1:-introductionwelcome to our channel s-r tronics...we are making some project using arduino..so guys this is our new and  project...gesture hand control … Read more
hello guys... this is our project...its called line follwer robot with object avoid using ultrasonic distance sensor... soo..when robot will move along black track … Read more
hello guys.. this our poject IMO video controlled robot based on arduino using bluetooth hc-05.. for this robot we have used two smartphone ... also this robot is … Read more
hello guys this is our  project..and new thats called autobot with dancing like michael jackson.... its amazing... we have made this cutting cardboard..but you can … Read more
hello guys... this is our project..thats called object avoiding robot.. this one basically arduino based ic controlled by ultrasonic distance sensor.. Read more
hello guys.. this is our project thats called arduino based smartphone app control car using l298 motor driver via bluetooth. sooo lets start.... Read more
hello guys..this is our project.. this is self balancing robot on two wheels using mpu6050 accelerometer.. Read more
hello guys.... we have another project micro servo robotic arm.. basically this arm is arduino based on micro servo motor using 10k potentiometer.. this arm used … Read more
hello guys...this is our  project.. this project is how to build edge avoiding robot using arduino and ir sensor.. Read more
Otto walks, dances, makes sounds and avoids obstacles, is completely open source, Arduino compatible, 3D printable.
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Who is Otto?An interactive robot that anyone can make! Otto walks, dances, makes sounds and avoids obstacles. Is completely open source, Arduino compatible and … Read more
Light Following Robot without using microcontroller. This wheeled robot does not avoid collision. It runs towards the light or just brighter areas.
The gear motor wheels, multi-directional wheel and the plastic sheet. I cut out 6 x 13 cm plastic for base. Glued the wheels to make the body and connected the … Read more
Obstacle Avoidance Via Ultrasonic sensor and Remote Controll Via Web App and Wireless Keyboard Control.
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This is a 6 Wheeled Drive Robot Rover it is 18" Long 9" wide 15" wide if you count the wheels And 8" High it is powered by a Raspberry Pi with 3 L298N Motor Drivers … Read more
Hi guys, few days ago we started to plan and make a new robot with my daughter. She is 5 years old and loves to build things. The picture uploaded represents the … Read more
Dear: LMR I am hoping to build a self navigating robot. Right now it only obstacle avoids. It uses arduino mega, 12 volt motor driver, Ping sensor, and a 2s lipo … Read more
 Hi All, I have recently started work on a new project  to build a full size humanoid robot. I started a new youtube channel just for this project.      … Read more
I controlled my balance robot using a a two fuzzy logic controller 1-one for (IMU feedback) using as input the angle and change in angle , the output is a PWM1 . … Read more
i am making RC car with arduino ,i want it to pass a u turn track ,it is 4wd ,wheels are straight ,how can i make wheels turn around to pass theu turn ?! Read more
Every kid has a superhero in their dreams. It seems too good to build a unique robot at home. Now, IronBot Chap could make their dreams come true. It's very easy … Read more
Pogo first sprang and sang “To Life” in my home in 2000, from a Rug Warrior Pro robot kit offered by AK Peters, Ltd.  His original brain was a 2 MegaHz … Read more
My idea is to remake the 6 DOF BRAT biped Kit, which retails for $299, for less the half the price using popsicle sticks and glue for the frame, cheap Hitec HS-55 … Read more
It Juggles a Ping Pong Ball with a Racket
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This entry is about the quest to get a machine to juggle a ping pong ball.  I started thinking about a ping pong ball juggler 2 years ago. And it was around that … Read more
Peabot is a quadruped robot with custom 3d printed parts. His software is an open-source quadruped framework which is named for the robot, Peabot. His features, and … Read more
Looks for screws and picks them up
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A small Raspberry Pi robot arm I made over the past few month. Read more
The new robotic gripper Andromina V.2.0 is the most advanced gripper that currently exists and has many applications. In this second version, the gripper has been … Read more
Given a priori knowledge of the environment and the goal position, mobile robot navigation refers to the robot’s ability to safely move towards the goal using its … Read more
Transport components out of robot cell
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I'm working on a bachelor's project, together with 5 other students, where we're going to continue development of and improve a laser guided AGV. Read more
To learn ROS I have equip an mBot Ranger with a Raspberry Pi 3 that is connected to the controller board of the robot. The ROS master is running on the Raspberry Pi … Read more