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To learn ROS I have equip an mBot Ranger with a Raspberry Pi 3 that is connected to the controller board of the robot. The ROS master is running on the Raspberry Pi … Read more
This project is an example of remotely controlled car via WIFI. The circuit is based on ESP8266, and the software is written in the Arduino IDE. Read more
Hello, The Raspberry Pi Tank with an on-board camera system is used for home surveillance or for any other projects that requires a mobile platform. It is simple … Read more
  I wanted to make a 4 legged robot inspired by the way dogs walk. However i initially had no idea about robots or programming. Then one of my friends,Adrian … Read more
I'm currently working on a walking biped, which will (in my most delirious dreams) be able to walk with a dynamic gait (ie no bent knees). See Dr. Guero robot on … Read more
Navigate a Maze, extinguish a flame, track position
Using a
I'm currently a sophomore at Worcester Polytechnic Institute studying Robotics Engineering. The third course in the series, RBE 2002, focusing on sensors. In a … Read more
Dear: LMR Hey I am just letting you know I am building another robot. It is all terrain and powered by a eight volt power source which are four AA batteries that … Read more
For some time now I have building robots and designing software. This is my very first robot that uses my traditional style of Windows Software but also … Read more
Six legged walker wanders and avoids walls and objects
Maneuvers inside of the Dohyo ring surface, Searches for opponent, Pushes opponent out of the ring.
Using a
The system consists of: Read more
Skitters more than it strides
Using a
5/5/17: I have replaced Strider's twine walking mechanism with paperclips. He still falls over a lot, and he skitters instead of strides (due to using a 9v battery … Read more
Hello LMRians, This is w00dBoB, my attempt at creating a BoB the Biped. I was so impressed with all the printed BoBs on LMR, I felt an irresistable urge to add yet … Read more
The Spiderbot is inspired by the "Transformers". It is a RC quadruped robot and has two modes of operation: spider and vehicle, just like the robots in … Read more
Mapping it's surrounding and showing on a display, sonar
ZeroPi distance sensing with ultrasonic sensor, showing information on serial TFT screen.This is a small demonstration project for the new ZeroPi control board from … Read more
This is my first Arduino robot that I made some time ago and I'm still adding little things to it to make it more interesting. The main part of this robot is … Read more
A vintage robot arm, asking for meaning of his life. Please check the documentation http://walter.readthedocs.io   Read more
Solve's a maze and remembers the quickest route.
Using a
aMaze is A Maze solving robot. Custom build using an Arduino bootloaded atmeag328p as the brain, a SN754410 as Motor Control, all wired on a solderless breadboard … Read more
Whiteboard plotter
Using a
An IOT Whiteboard Bot that draws text and images from the internet, this is the first run with the robot. Read more
Pick and place based on color
Using a
Pick and Place robot that sorting blocks by colour, the robot was build as an inspiration. All parts used for building the system is from Kreativadelar.se Images Read more
Navigate around via ultrasound, teleop with game controller
Demo robot for teleoperating with HID and also to show how to do simple obstacle avoidance with ultra sound sensor. Read more
Simple moving and working around all barriers getting notifications from IR sensors.
Using a
This is my first very simple robot that reads information from two IR sensors and makes decision about moving to work around barriers. The main aim was to make him … Read more
Lives on a table, reacts to light
Using a
This is my first attiny project after getting an led to blink. I guess it's a little ambitious - I hadn't even cracked the datasheet when I started. For my plan I … Read more
Robot pulls back ball on Newton's Cradle
I got tired of pulling the ball back on my Newton's Cradle so automated it. Three servos, Arduino and chopsticks make for an entertaining Newton's Cradle robot. … Read more
Update 21th November 2017: I published an instruction with Arduino code and 3D files for printing on the Arduino Project Hub. Have a look … Read more
The 2020 Bot is a $20 robot you can build in 20 minutes, just using scissors and tape, with parts purchased online and at your local craft store. Here's the parts … Read more
Meet Roamer. Roamer is a Quadraped Dog that uses a Windows 8.1 tablet for a brain and has a Logitec HD WebCam for a head. Roamer head is attached to a Pan/Tilt … Read more