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This is a work in progress. My daughter (robotics major at Olin College outside of Boston, MA) and I have been working on this for about a year now. Here's a list … Read more
I recently got the idea that we could draw the path that a bot would take in a area. This is just the start of a piece of software and is still quite rough. What … Read more
Allows the gamer to immerse herself in the many exciting gaming experiences it has to offer
This is a write-up on my Arduino based hand-held gaming device. I realize it’s a somewhat poshy statement but hey, it is Arduino based, it’s hand-held (Ok, … Read more
Hello LMRians! While the latest Star Wars movie has been divisive, there's one thing that hasn't: the Droid Inventor Kit is a pretty cool product for kids (and … Read more
  You get a chance to win powerful 8W diode solid - state laser from Endurance.   All you need is to write a small story where and why do you need an engraving … Read more
Cut Wood, Aluminum, Plastics via computer control into 2D / 3D shapes & Robot parts
This is my latest project. I'm building a new CNC router to be bigger in cutting envelope (1500mm x 3000mm / approx 5 by 10 ft) and stronger using a mixture of … Read more
Adds, subtracts, multiplies and divides numbers
Hello everybody ! So recently youtube decided that I might like a video of a mechanical calculator. I did, and when I saw it, it reminded me of the similar machine … Read more
I regret to inform you guys I don't think I have honestly ever posted this on LMR. I have posted numerous blogs about it but never have posted this on … Read more
Dear: LMR Thanks guys for being here. Today I just barely finished my CNC I got yesterday and so far it seems to work great other than the fact it doesn't engrave. … Read more
As some of you know, my work is more and more related to SMD design. I just love how compact and robust these designs can be. I have no problems soldering the … Read more
This is an app I built to controll many of my robots. I have tried and used many, but never found one I really liked. I tried to make it where it can be resued for … Read more
The device will record temperature samples each hour (for 24 hours) and display them as a graph on the screen along other infos as well..the sampled temperature will be saved into the flash memory (non volatile).
This is an educational school project a friend and I did a long time ago. A team of two assembled and programmed a device which interacts with the user via … Read more
It supposed to 3D print with maker juice resin and with a 1.6 watt laser galvo.
So it all started in November of last year. I was getting frusterated after printing a whole series of human skulls out of PLA and them coming out as crap and each … Read more
Detects level of UVAB above 1 uW/cm2 and makes a sound alarm
  So as commented my son (4) has a rare condition so he can't be exposed to UV light (the Sun, halogen and some other artificial lights). There are other issues … Read more
For the last several years I have been designing and building 3D printed machines that make. I have produced Lathes, mills(both Horizontal and vertical) drill … Read more
Pushing and pulling loads on robots and machines
Simple 3D printed part tubular actuator. Only needs a motor and a threaded rod to complete. Will easily push or pull several pounds and can be made in many lengths. … Read more
LMRainains stand up and be proud of being part of Lets Make Robots. We would love to hear from you and tell us about who you are and what topics interest you. I … Read more
So this is my first official post to LMR. Every robot builder/ AI person that I have know has always wanted to do Face Detection. I found a fairly straight forward … Read more
This is a review of the workshop on robotics I did last Owl Camp, February 2017
Hi there! So as published already here some weeks ago, finally we did the robotics workshop in the Owl Camp February 2017 near London, if you don't know what was … Read more
This is a free robotics workshop for children who attends the Owl Camp. More in the article below
 In my spare time besides my family and the hobby in LMR, I collaborate with an association that helps people with a rare condition: Xeroderma Pigmentosum (or … Read more