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Functional blocks to mount different robots
Hi! Today I bring you both another review this time about cubelets from Modular Robotics, and a new concept: emotional robotics. The review is about cubelets which … Read more
Hi everyone, I am currently making a collection of droids, for the project Alliance/Army of Droids, part of the Alliance of Droids. Here is what I have so far: 1. … Read more
It is a clock that tells the time
So, I am doing woodwork in my school. One of the projects was an acrylic clock, which I have almost finished. I used a laser cutter to cut it out and am using a … Read more
Powerful motion control in many useful ways. Arduino inside
Hi all!   Even late I wish you all a happy new year and now we're closing this long call for review. Read more
Autonomo por ultrasonidos... y luz azul nocturna.
Rover1 (adaptación del primero)... con arduino nano micro. Se trata de un rover con orugas y dos servos de rotación continua. Dos sensores de ultrasonido y una … Read more
A stepper motor driver where a dsPIC33 both monitors the current and controls the PWM via an L298N.
A few years ago I started building stepper motor drivers.  First it was a simple unipolar driver.  My motors wouldn't rotate faster than 1 to 2 rps.  So I … Read more
Mechanical gyroscope balanced two wheeler with steering - will try to slow down with the updates.
Updated with Version 5: Steering Got up at 4:00am, couldn't sleep so knocked out a simple steering mechanism using a butterfly hinge. Read more
In his research my brother needed to accurately control 96 LED’s on top of an Microwell plate. He had a similar setup earlier but wasn’t completely happy with … Read more
We try to control Rover 5 using the motor driver MDD10A controlling by Raspberry Pi
Review for Motor Driver MDD10A Read more
Log test data from a fatigue testing machine
I helped a friend in coding a data logging software for a custom built fatigue testing machine and would like to share. 1.1 Introduction Read more
This is a standalone board used to safely detonate fireworks from any web enabled device. You simply stage all of your fireworks on the board, connect one of the … Read more
Sort pepper by color, quantity and weight
Would like to take the time to share a Mechatronics project built by my friends and I. I have attached the project report and video for your perusal. Read more
Scrolls a message in an 8x8 LED matrix
This may not look like 12 hours of work, but I reckon I spent appx 4 hours writing a little program to design the font, about 2 hours making the font, probably … Read more
MyBox Allows you to plug up to 3 110V 5A powered household electronics and control them using any web enabled device, wirellesly.
  Caution: Read more
gyroscope self balances on two legs
I present some lessons learned about self balancing a structure or vehicle using a mechanical gyroscope and I show how I built a demonstration model. Read more
An accelerometer/gyro goes onto an Arduino board and transmits the angular motion of the board via bluetooth to a (extremely amateur VR game) I made in Unity for Android phones.
This is a really fun and easy project that can be done in about an hour. On the bottom of the skateboard is an accelerometer/gyro with an Arduino board that … Read more
This video shows a quick little project to make a top spin forever - or as long as the batteries last which in this case could be days. It is based on the work of … Read more