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Walter - A life's autumn

A vintage robot arm, asking for meaning of his life. Please check the documentation http://walter.readthedocs.io


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Very nicely done, I liked it.

Cool manipulator and so flexible. Very impressive!

Each time your stories become more entertaining. Hats off to you sir, a job well done. Now how do you expect to surpass this one. Thank you

Excellent and very accurate done. I see Odroid is very popular platform. How is you lamp project now ?

Luci and Paul are shelfware now, always a bit sad, seeing them being offline for so long...

Humor + robotics are a great combination.


Congratulations for your piece of art!

I have to say you had a great taste not only on the design but also the execution of the robot, tidy, well programmed in detail and very funny presentation.

We usually enjoy here many DiY robos that are nice and funny, but your project is superb!

Did you do it for fun or as part of your job?

Kind regards,


Thanks :-)

Actually this is for fun only, that's why I have only one project per year....

Cheers, Jochen


Ah ok! I took several months as you see in its website during the weekends, but it looks very professional. I though you made it to do a kickstarter and make fortune! :-)

What do you do for work? I couldn't see anything in your profile here...

making a fortune while playing with robots sounds tempting..but I guess that wont make a living. For that I need to work as a Software Architect