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Wearable GPS Logger for Waypoint-Network

I got the idea to make a wearable GPS logger wich logs the routes you walk.

This logged data will be uploaded to a server. A robot could now get a position to go, search the database on the server for any logged point in the area wich connects to a point wich is near the target area. Because a human beeing already walked there (and was outside and nothing was above him ;) ) there should be almost no obstacles..

Of course, the robots course will be logged, too but my intention is to create data from more than one source to control another source.

Now, what do you think about that? I thought about a Snowboard-jacked or something with an antenna on it (on the shoulder/s) for wifi connection to the internet (-server) and a gps antenna. The bigger boards (wifi, gps) could be on the chest (i wear my nintendo DS on the right and my pocked/mobile on the left side and i do not feel anything...) and we could use the Arduino LilyPad as main processing unit - it is designed for wearables.

Would you wear that for the greater use? :)


wifi doesnt have to be used by the wearable. A flash card could also be used, point is - the data has to be uploaded to a server...


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If you only need to log GPS data, and nothing else, you could probably get by with a GPS, a serial data logger, and a USB to serial cable to set up the serial data logger. You'll also need a 3.3V power supply, maybe a Li-Po and a step-up/charger? However, that setup will only work if you don't need real-time data.

As I am completely new to homebrew-electronics, that ^ helps alot. ;)

(I am a programmer)

Real time data is not really needed. But every upload of data should have an absolute ID to create waypoint connections. And here, the time is needed (aka the order of the list entries) to create connections between the points. All points with ID x are "that" way and connect to each other, all points with ID y are "this" way and do not connect to any point of "that" way. The robot could switch between the two ways on the middle but it has to know what is what.

Ah, yes (i did not look under the links yet): if possible, could you link to parts wich can be ordered in germany/europe? Thanks

(this should be a reply to the comment below) ^

Look up NMEA string format. That is what you get from a GPS data log. Time is there, plus a lot of additional info (including, latitude, longitude, altitude, current speed over ground and bearing). Do you know aboout gpsvisualizer.com? It will help you make all that data useful.

I second OpenLog. If you change the baud rate to 4800 or use a GPS that defaults to 9600, you could just connect them directly to each other and a battery and have a GPS data logger. Just format the micro SD to fat 16 on a computer and wipe out the files every time you read them in and you don't even need the serial cable (assuming your computer has an SD reader and the mircro SD came with an adapter for a full size SD slot; both these thigs are pretty standard).

Ahh yes, I forgot you could change the settings right on the SD card, thanks for pointing that out!

And, the website that most of those links link to (SparkFun.com) has many, many distributers in Europe, including four in Germany. I suggest you check out the distributers page to see who has the best prices. I don't know how good their shipping prices to Germany are, but they do ship there. If your order goes over $100 US, you have to buy insured shipping, and that really costs a lot. I've had $140 US orders shipped to Saskatchewan before, the shipping itself was over $50 US.

..i need german resellers. 50 bucks means alot to me, currently.

I will tell you all when the GRWN is on line. (Global Robot Waypoint Network) - or you tell me... ;)