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Wearable Message Board

lights up and distracts people

Final update 4/14:
I wrote my first ever instructable for this thing.   I also have the source code and a schematic for you too... its sloppy please don't judge... i did this real quick.  Probably spent more time documenting it and making the video of it than i did writing the code.  If any of you want to clean it up and use it feel free... Ask any questions you may have and if you do make it better i'd love if you shared. :)

update 4/11:  
New firmware on board to allow interupting the animations or messages without having to scroll the whole way through the text.  A few other updates as well.  I also shot another video that shows the device much better i think.  And added a paper difuser to the screen to cut down the harshness of the leds.

update 4/9:  
added a handful of custom animated icons.  they get stored as a 64byte byte array to allow up to 8 frames. and they can just be coded with binary byte values so they're easy to update.

update 4/7: 
I've been playing with a bunch of those 8x8 LED Matrix Boards for a project i'm planning to make a clock/message board for my office. I also happen to be heading to a geeky event this weekend so i thought i'd make a little wearable message board. This is my first project using a standalone ATmega328 instead of a full-blown arduino board.

The process was very simple and i'm glad I already ordered a few more ATmegas. I added a bluetooth module so the message can be updated from my phone. and dropped the whole thing into an enclosure made out of an old baby monitor so I could clip it on my backpack strap.