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Welcome to The Turtle Challenge

Most of us make robots, and most of us make robots that can somehow manage to move around on a flat surface.

But.. Can you make a robot that can

Drive, crawl, walk, or jump around.. perhaps even avoid obstacles etc..


Lay upside down


If it is lays upside down, sideways, or in any position on a flat surface, will manage to turn itself around to "upright" and start moving again

letsmakerobots.com will mail 1 set of cool belt tracks with geared motors (chose gear ratio and color yourself) to the first robot builder who is building and submitting a robot that can do that.


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http://www.flickr.com/photos/artour_a/1469391024/sizes/l/ there is my idea for this contest I want them treads !!! ~Matt

well im goin for the lego approach cos i want those treads even more...


even though lego is prone to failure.

go on with it, i wanna see your robot =P

Good luck

ive made the robot tigPT

so you better watch out ! w000t

wow.. you was fast... mine is not even close.. i'm starting with exames in university.. nevermind it =P
what are you studying at uni? i wanna go do mechatronic engineering.   also known as robotics

i'm studing informatic engineering, hope to make robots smarters ^_^

Congratiolations, Mr. Nebster

I will send you your prize :)

Very well done!!


gratz nebster

thanx guys but could never had acheived this without the constant support from my parents. =)