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What robots did you start out using?

Hi everybody! I'm a new-found robot enthusiast and I was interested in which robots all of you hobbyists started out messing with. Any answers would be great I'm really excited to get started!Thank you! :) 

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BEAM robots in the beginning and a Start Here Robot for my initiation into microcontrollers.

I made my own photovore from scratch with a sharp sensor and four ldrs using a arduino duemilanove 

and wrote my own code too after a lot of testing and after I have finished the aluminium chassis (not so good in apperance 

but that how i did it ) .

I started out with the picaxe 28X1 board form the start here page to learn the electronics.

My first bot that actually moved was done with a Picaxe 08M prototype board, double sided tape, and elastic bands. 


I started with this one https://www.robotshop.com/letsmakerobots/node/26194 and got infected with a robot virus...and here I am :-)

I started with the Robby CCRP5 

I have to say that programming this thing in BASIC wasn't very nice and I quickly got frustrated by the lack of documentation available, I think it's well worth a try going from scratch^^

Interesting Job,I've never made a robot by myself and I want to try,always,just take a look at the first is better to disassembly,cause I  had ended my walkera QR infra X 's life  myself....