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WiiCamera's back in stock (Sorta)

Hey guys,

As many of you know, I stocked the WiiCamera board for many years, and for all of those years it has been a nightmare to keep these guys in stock due to the fact that I had to constantly troll ebay for broken Wiimotes to harvest. I occured to me that it would be easier for a individual person to find one broken wiimote to buy rather than me trying to find 300 at a time. Because of this fact, I am now proud to introduce the WiiCam DIY kit.

Yup, its all the WiiCam goodness of the original WiiCam, but now you get to put it together yourself! Hooray!

More info can be found at the WiiCam page at Rocket Brand Studios

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Listen to the man, Bajdi is the undesputed king of the WiiCam! 

Thanks, Bajdi, your work, your designs and your code do nothing but make my stuff look good. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Damn good work, period.