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World Maker Faire NY 2016!


Rick Winscot and Andrew Terranova are looking for volunteers and robots for the LMR booth. Want to volunteer? Chat below when you can be there, what you'd like to show off and we'll reach out to you. Can't attend, but can ship your robot? We can work with you!

LMR Volunteers may be able to get...

  • Free passes to World Maker Faire
  • Access to special events (Friday Maker Paella dinner is amazing)
  • LMR T-Shirt / stickers
  • Show off their robot creations at the LMR booth
  • Special thanks from RobotShop
  • Meet other LMR enthusiasts

Not familiar with World Maker Faire?

  • It's a family-friendly festival of invention, creativity and resourcefulness, and a celebration of the Maker movement.
  • Meet the makers! Individuals showing their creations, as well companies alike are set up and happy to chat.
  • Robots are really popular and you'll see many, many robots from parts to drones and massive creations!
  • 2015: 900+ maker entries, 90,000+ attendees

Although there will not be any hexapod giveaways this year, there will be a free workshop for the public, but space is limited, so sign up early!

RobotShop will be giving away a coupon code at the LMR booth, and there will be a raffle for gift certificates.

Even if you can't get to Maker Faire, please visit our websitefollow us on Twitter, or join our Facebook Group.

Take a look at last LMR @ Maker Faire 2015:

Let's Make Robots - Maker Faire Shout Out (2015)

Let's Make Robots Official Entry (2015)

Let's Make Robots @ Maker Faire NY (2015)

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I was allready contacted by Rick and I let him know i"m in.

But, Please make it clearer that we are not giving away the hexbots this year.  I suggest updating the shout out post.  I didn't realise it was the 2015 post until i read it the second time,  And I taught one of the classes.

see you guys there.


Please let us know if your going to stop by the booth and say hi.  Or even if you want to but cant.  I am tring to build somthing new and it would help if i knew some of you might see it.



I gotta dust off some bots and maybe make something new!

Looking forward to seeing you there!


My name is Veronica Uribe A. and I am a first year PhD student at Stony Brook University in NY. Currently I am researching on DIY communities for a class. I believe that project such as Let's Make Robots and spaces such as the Maker Faire are exciting sites to analyze how values, skills and knowledge are produced and shared within a DIY communities. 
In order to gain a better understanding of the communitie history, organizations and its members motivations I will like to volunteer at the fair. I have no experience in robots but I will help in any way I can and I learn really fast. I already have my ticket for Saturday so please let me know how can I help. 

Veronica Uribe 


     By all means stop by and say hello.  We will be happy to talk to you.

But if this is your first Maker Faire your brain will go into overload almost immediately.  So don't obligate yourself until you have looked around some.  But when you need place to depressurise and ask some questions you can visit us and help if you feel like it.

Of course I am speaking only for my self but I doubt any of the other members would disagree.

As robotgoldfish indicated, there's a LOT to see and do at the Faire, and you'll see there are a number of clubs / associations too. You might want to take it all in (if you walk quickly and don't talk, it will take a few hours). Certainly drop by the LMR booth.

If you're interested in volunteering at the LMR booth if you have some free time, browse as much of this site as you can beforehand, getting an idea of the types of robotic creations people make, the type of support provided, the various site features (forum, blog, chat, tips etc). Where you might be most helpful (and for your course as well) is to ask people who come up to the booth what they might like out of such an online community, if they already knew about LMR beforehand, and then give us your findings.

For those that might have missed it the How to get to Maker Fair has some updated info about parking.


  Only GEAR2 came home wounded.  (Its allways the new kid who gets hit.)  He will go into surgrey tomorow and be back with us in one form or another.

  And thanks to everyone who stoped by The only name I cought was Stephen from the Robot Party Rockstars.  But thanks friends both old and new.



Lots of enthusiastic kids and adults at the Faire, despite the weather. Tiring both for us and the poor, hardworking robots, which were a big hit and draw.

Great Faire as always! It was fantastic seeing everyone and I look forward to next year.