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At the age of 12 years I got involved with electronics and never let it go. I’ve got my bachelor degree in Technical Computer Science which mostly involves electronics and embedded software. After finishing my education I started working as Software Engineer (C# .net). Where my current job mostly involves software I really started to miss fiddling around with electronics. That’s where robotics came in.


In 2007, after leeching a lot of forums for information, I thought it was time to build something myself. Bought 18 servo’s, some electronics and a sheet of plastic. Spend a lot of hours in my garage and my first hexapod was born. At that time, most of the hexapods walked like “Robots” or where connected to a PC to get the instructions from. My goal was to get my hexapod to walk as fluent and natural as possible, without having the need for a separate PC. In other words, all the processing should be done onboard. That’s where “the phoenix code” was born.


In 2009 I even made it to the magazine “Robot”.

During the development I had a lot of support from colleague builders. As hobby robot builder we are limited in time so it is very valuable to share information and make better bot’s together!


Jeroen Janssen, Xan

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