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Yantra 2.0 Robotics Competition

It was the biggest in our small history, and will definitely be a proud one to cherish. The Yantra 2.0 Robotics Compeition was held on October 1st, under the Covered Hall of our national stadium, the Dasarath Rangashala. It was organized by Karkhana, a company that's striving towards expanding the boundaries of innovation in Nepal, and Robotics Association of Nepal, the biggest national robots governing body out here. E-sewa were the event sponsors of the competition.

LMRians, here are a few glimpses of the competition. :-)

 Some senior members of our country's technical field inagurating the commpetition

  A glimpse of sumo robotics for the chief guests                                                      

There were three categories, Mission Nepal, the biggest and toughest which had complex line following, wall following, obstacle avoiding, and incline-climbing tasks.

Then was Robo Racer, a simple line following competition.

And Robo Akhada, a sumo robot compeition.

Definitely was a disappointment for our side, as we ran out of motor drivers to run the rover, and were out of alternatives in the last hour in the Mission Nepal Competition. And also in the sumo, we exceeded the robot size by 2 cm. Motors went a bit too big. For now our team says, there's always a next time :-)

However, glad that we bagged the 2nd position in the line following competition.

 The camera guys captured our line follower.                                       


The Mission Nepal Competition was dominated by a team from NCIT college. They are a 3 time defending champions, and they didn't disappoint this time as well. But, being an LMRian pumps me to send them packing next year :D




An aerial view of the line following track, yup that's a track matching the outline of Nepal.


And an aerial view of the Mission Nepal track.



Sumo robots in action. Was fun to watch


                                                                Knocked Out!!



                                                                    Knocked Out Again!!



The organizing team busy preparing the line following track



           Pariticipants testing their robot, never too later guys \0/



    Quadcopter demonstration by RC Hobbyist Sunil Maharjan, one of the few RC hobbyists out here.                          



                Electronic Drum Demonstration by Karkhana using some tasty fruits.              


     The size testing box, too bad, we'll hopefully have a smaller sumo next time. :D                    


          And Yes, it was a Grand Success!!                      


My moment of the event: We were up against a monster line follower in the semi finals on the track that had the map of Nepal. As our robot analyzed every turn, it would take us 25 seconds to complete a lap.( 3 laps for the win )  Our opponent, however, was capable to do so in around 5-6 seconds. Part of my mind was telling me to settle for the third place, while the other half was saying to let our little bot take it's time. And i don't know if it was by luck or by some technical error, our opponent lost the track 3 times ( 3 times reset equals disqualification as per the rules ), and 1 minute later, we were in the finals.

Funny Moment: It was at the end of the competition, when Karkhana Founder Syakar Pudasaini quoted " Karkhana headquarters is located at Gyaneshwor, Kathmandu. We have lunch at 1:30 pm, so feel free to join us". Funny,  as for the whole part of the speech he talked about electronics and technical stuff. Haha, no, i haven't gone there for lunch, maybe soon, just to make sure :D

Proud Moment: Without a doubt, just to be there, as a participant, to see amazing robots in action, and to interact with so many competitors throughout the whole day, was simply a new feeling, a great one too.

Thanks Karkhana, and Robotics Association of Nepal (RAN) for organizing a one-of-its-kind competition.

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Congrats to the line follower :-) and thanks for the review of the event. 

I also like your spirit...now get to work and beat the this years winning team next time. With the help of the infinite ressources of LMR you will send them to the looser place :-D

Thanks a lot Lumi :-)