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Zombie Challenge



And the Winner is... Drum roll.  Jad- Berro with Vario


And here is your fabulous prizes

LMR bragging Rights.

and an E-5. place hand on the screen where hand is to recieve your E-5


This is a contest where you may not use any microcontrollers or Ic chips. This may or not be challenging. You can make the robot do anything you wish (example= Line following, obstacle avoidance) The sky is the limit, as long as you follow these rules.


I have gave all LMR members more time to enter.


  • You may not copy anything you see in LMR this includes even your previous robots.
  • You can't use things from internet, however you may modify the schematics you find online.
  • You must make it
  • No IC/logic chips
  • No Microcontolers


  • You must show your circuit schematics.
  • List your parts.
  • You may list the cost.
  • Create a blog with picture(s) and video(s) then post the link in comments. 
  • If you have questions post a comment

Sorry there is no prize this is just purelly for fun. You will recieve lmr bragging rights and an E- Five. Good luck! Now start making your robot.

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You state : "You can not use any circuits on the internet."

I can't think of a single circuit I know about that wont be on the internet somewhere 

You can use schematics of the net but they must be modified.

Once I was searching on LMR and I found a Brainless Line Following Robot. I looked at it and thought I can make that even better. Here is the link to it.

Here is the original Idea I found on LMR.


Here is mine.


All it takes is a little creativity to win this challenge.


Is a relay a logic component?

Or maybe a comparator?

Unless you build it yourself from discrete parts, a typical comparator is an analog-to-digital logic IC.
A relay is neither, it's just a magnetic actuator paired with a mechanical switch.

Sorry, that is not the schematics. I need a diagram of the parts that shows what component connects to the other componetnt. Mark the type of transistor and label the leads and anyother part. Use the ground symbol for the negative. Thanks I would really appreciate it. So if you put that in u will be winning. Other LMRers, STEP IT UP!