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Zuzu - The light seeker

Follows the light from a lighter


My name is Zuzu, I live in my masters pocket and usually I sleep at day, but at night, when all the lights goes out, I will wake up and I will seek the most apropiate light.

My anaotomy is here:



I am the first pet made full by my master with no help at all from exterior sources. He spent almost 10 hours with my. Firstly my heart would be a 555 timer chip but on of my locomotion device was always powered and I was rotating like an idiot or like I was posessed by a daemon. Secondly my master thought that it will be great to use a comparator chip like KA339 but didn't get alive at all so my only hope was those simple transistors like the BC547 which are NPN transistor. I see the light with my LDRs and if I get brighter light on a side then I will aply more current on that side transistor so my motor on that side will run faster that way I turn, but when the light is both same brigthen than I will go forward. My master didn't thought that those simple transistor will do the work but now I'm healty, I'am happy and I'm ready to seek the light. O got my energy from 3x 1.2v batteries which are enough for me for more than an hour of keeping my master happy. My skin is made with hot glue, but that skin wasn't made with a hot glue gun cause my masters doesn't have one, so he used the soldering iron. First I was able to follow IR light too but as those light are at low frequency my master thought that he should remove my IR eyes :(


I think that my master should rise my eyes a little bit cause this way I am so ugly. My master told me tonight that if I will be a good boy he will rise my eyes so I will look so nice like a little bug.


As in the first movie you see, I love to stay in front of the laptop cause I dream that when I will grow up, I will become a laptop :D


In the second video you will see how happy I am to entertain my master.


My master said that tomorrow I will meet his grilfriend. I am really really enthusiasted, so can't wait until tomorrow.


Until than, I will let my master say some words, goodbye LMR.



This was my pet Zuzu, hope you enjoy him, and I hope that I will see you making such little things as soon as possible :D Everyone need a pet like him :D



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Welcome among us, Zuzu ;)

I want to thank you in his name for the warm welcome :D

nice one, i am putting it into my personal "library" with ideas for BEAM stuff. :)

I would add two base resistors to make it foolproof. If too much light "fall" on the LDR's, the resistance can decrease to a few Ω and your transistors will be destroyed. If you make a circuit diagram I would also use only one style to show a connection :)

the circuit is allready up... I was thinking about the frying problem two... Used it in sunlight so no problem :D