25mm 12V 26RPM Brushless DC Gear Motor

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  • Motor features include low noise, long life, adjustable speed, a brake, and a speed feedback signal
  • The brushless motor is controlled by frequency conversion technology, which is more energy efficient than a carbon brush motor
  • Direction of rotation of the motor is either clockwise or counterclockwise, and it supports reverse rotation
  • All metal gears promote smooth running of the motor, providing wear resistance and increasing motor life
  • The rotor is equipped with pure copper coils, offering high conductivity and temperature resistance

The 25mm 12V 26RPM Brushless DC Gear Motor (JGA25 2418) is composed of a brushless high-speed motor and a gearbox, forming a complete DC brushless geared motor. This type of motor has a life span that is approximately 10 times longer than that of brushed motors, greatly reducing the maintenance costs of the project. As long as the load of the project does not exceed the rated torque of the motor, it is an ideal choice for devices requiring long-term operation.

This motor features full metal gears, long life, stable and reliable performance, low noise, support for reverse, pulse signal output, PWM speed regulation, and no sparks generated when running. It is also controlled by frequency conversion technology, making it more energy efficient than carbon brush motors. Additionally, it has overcurrent and stall overload protection.

The rated voltage of the motor is available in both DC 12V and DC 24V. For DC 12V, you can choose from 8.5rpm/11rpm/19rpm/25rpm/42rpm/55rpm/93rpm/122rpm/204rpm/453rpm/990rpm, with a rated torque between 0.03 and 4 Kg.cm and a stall torque between 0.2 and 24KG. It is recommended that the project load does not exceed the rated torque. For DC 24V, you can choose from 17.5rpm/23rpm/38rpm/50rpm/85rpm/111rpm/186rpm/245rpm/408rpm/900rpm/1977rpm, with a rated torque between 0.15 and 16.5 Kg.cm and a stall torque between 0.6 and 24KG. Again, it is recommended that the project load does not exceed the rated torque.

The motor has a D-type shaft shape and the direction of rotation can be either clockwise (CW) or counterclockwise (CCW), with support for reversed. The speed of the motor can be adjusted using a speed controller, which is sold in combination with the motor. Moreover, the motor is safe to use with DC power, as experiments have proven that the motor voltage is lower than 36V without any danger.

This motor is suitable for a variety of micro automation equipment and, as long as the motor voltage and torque are suitable for the voltage and load of the project, there is no limit to its applications.

1x JGA25 2418 Brushless DC geared motor

Motor size: 25 mm x 35 mm x 54 mm

Shaft length: 14 mm

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Voltage: DC12V

No Load Speed: 1000rpm, 450rpm, 210rpm, 130rpm, 100rpm, 58rpm, 45rpm, 26rpm, 20rpm, 12rpm, 9rpm

Voltage: DC24V

No Load Speed: 2000rpm, 930rpm, 420rpm, 260rpm, 200rpm, 115rpm, 90rpm, 52rpm, 40rpm, 24rpm, 18rpm

Motor Features: Low Noise, Long Life, Adjustable Speed, With Brake, With Speed Feedback Signal

Motor Diameter: Approximately 25mm

Motor Body Length: 18mm

Output Shaft Diameter: 4mm (D Type)

Output Shaft Length: 9.5mm

Gearbox Length: Refer to Table

Wire Connection Method:

Red Line: Power+

Black Line: Power

Yellow Line: FG Output, 25 Signals/R

Orange Line: CCW/CW Control, Orange Line Vacant Motor is CCW, When Orange Line Connects to Power, Motor is CW

White Line: Speed Adjustment

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