SATPRO_28439. Professional Smart Antenna Tracker with SJJ32 tripod, Radio Control and Mavlink Telemetry.

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  • Radio System: 863-950Mhz | WMX481 | 1000mW (+30dBi) | -116dBm | BQ89. Biquad antenna 866-950Mhz, 9dBi.
  • Remote Controller: BTSD1V3_CTRL to connect a standard RC transmitter through the trainer port.
  • Mavlink Telemetry: From BTSD1V3_CTRL you can send/receive Mavlink telemetry via USB to connect with Mission Planner, QGroundControl...
  • You can install any telecommunications system, for example for video system | Easy adaptation to different types of high gain directional antennas.
  • Position control by mavlink telemetry or by commands from PC.

Professional automatic tracking antenna for Radio Control, Mavlink Telemetry and Video systems, for all types of applications with Aerial, Land or Maritime Vehicles.

SATPRO is a tracking system, composed of a rotating head, two arms where the antennas are placed and an anchoring system to a fixed base or tripod.

Then main function is to automatically follow the position of the vehicle, orienting the antennas to obtain the best possible RF link at all times in LOS (Line Of Sight) applications.

Customizable, you can install the long range XLRS system up to 250Km (LOS) or any telecommunications system you need, including jammers for drones for example.

Prepared so that you can place different types of high gain directional antennas in various configurations since the standard aluminum profile arms are removable and allow various mechanical combinations to be made.

It is an essential tool for precision missions since it increases the robustness and signal quantity of the radio link in long range operations.

Additional information for SATPRO_28439:

RC & Mavlink Telemetry up to 250Km (LOS):

- SATPRO will have the WMX481 radio transmitter or similar installed that

is connected through RCBUS.

- Communication between SATPRO and GCS XLRS or XLRS Remote Controller, can be done via: RCBUS Cable, Wifi or Ethernet.

Standard RC transmitter:

- Can be connected using the BTSD1V3_CTRL, it communicates with the SATPRO through the RCBUS cable and then the connection with the RC transmitter is made through the trainer port and for Mavlink telemetry it is sent/received by USB to connect a PC or similar device.

Main benefits of using SATPRO:

- Improves maximum operating range.

- More robust communications: Constant, strong and stable signal.

- Easy adaptation to different types of high gain directional antennas.

- Link up to 250Km LOS with XLRS systems.

- Prepared for Full HD video up to 150Km.

- Fully automatic with XLRS systems.

- You can install any telecommunications system, including jammers for Drones.

- Position control by mavlink telemetry or by commands from PC.

- 8 to 10 hours of autonomy, consumption up to 12 times less than others.

- Supports simultaneous external battery or power supply to increase autonomy.

x1 SATPRO. Smart Antenna Tracker Professional.

x1 Internal Battery.

x2 Aluminum profile 45x500mm.

x1 RCBus Cable.

x1 External Battery power cable.

x1 Ethernet Cable 7 meters.

x1 Internal Battery Charger.

x1 Charger Adapter.

x1 BTSD1V3_CTRL. To connect any standard RC Transmitter and Mavlink GPS Telemetry converter by RCBUS to USB.

x1 BQ89. Biquad antenna 866-920Mhz, 9dBi.

x1 WMX481. Transmitter radio module for connection and communication with XLRS Remote Controllers, GCS or SATPRO.

x1 SJJ32 Tipod.

x1 Suitcase.

SATPRO Head (Without arms and tripod): 545 x 328 x 204mm.

Arms Profile: 45x500mm.

SJJ32 Tripod: 1140 x 250 x 200mm | Weight: 7Kg.

x1 Speaker. The speaker emits an alarm to notify you of certain important alerts.

x1 Heater, 15W: When the SATPRO temperature is cold, it activates theheater automatically to keep the system within an optimal temperature range.

x1 Fan: When the SATPRO temperature is hot, it activates the fan automatically to cool the system.

General Connections:

x1 RCBUS (Female Jack Connector): Communications between XLRS Devices, radio module WMX481 or similar.

x1 Ethernet Port (RJ45): For data link communiations or XVRE digital video receiver.

x1 Video Communications: Power supply and auxiliary communications for XVRE digital video receiver.

Extenal Connections (For Ground):

x1 RCBUS (3 Pins Male Connector): Communications between XLRS Devices, Ground Control Stations, Remote Controllers, BTSD1V3_CTRL and to updated firmware.

x1 Ethernet Port (RJ45): For data link communiations or XVRE digital video receiver, connect to network, PC or similar

x1 External Battery (3 Pins Male Connector): To connect external battery.

x1 Wi-Fi (Internal antenna o External with SMA-Female): Communications between XLRS devices or to send Mavlink GPS telemetry data from a PC or similar.

x1 USB: Mavlink telemetry or sending commands from PC, optional with adapter.

Display & Leds:

x1 Display: 1.5″ TFT IPS Color display.

x1 Encoder with button: To manually start the north position.

x9 Leds: x1 Link TX1 | x1 RF TX1 | x1 Link TX2 | x1 RF TX2 |

x1 Wifi | x1 Fan | x1 Heater | x1 Internal Battery |

x1 External Battery.


x1 Internal Battery: 4S/14.8V/4800mAh LiOn battery.

x1 Power Switch: ON/OFF switch for SATPRO.

x1 Battery Connector: To connect the SATPRO battery.

x1 Fuse: 5A.

Mechanical Specifications:

- Positioner Mounting (Fixed without movement): Tripod, Building,

- Car, Van and other options possible.

- Velocity Azimuth: max. 15°/sec.

- Velocity Elevation: max. 15°/sec.

- Azimuth Rotation: 360º Continuous.

- Azimuth Calibration: Automatic.

- Point Accuracy: <1º.

- Elevation Rotation: -45º to +87º.

- Height above ground with Tripod SJJ32 (Optional): 3.20m.

- Tracking Antenna head weight together with the arms: 14.5Kg.

- Tracking Antenna head weight (With Tripod SJJ32): 21.5Kg.


- IP Protection: IP54.

- Resistant in drizzle Conditions: Basically it is prepared in case it suddenly rains during a mission and it takes a while to protect it.

- Temperature: -20ºC to +55ºC.

- Humidity: Up to 95%.

Maximum antenna weight with counterweight:

D = 125mm W.max. = 14Kg

D = 250mm W.max. = 7Kg

D = 300mm W.max. = 5.8Kg

- Maximum total weight: 14Kg.

- Typical weight with parabolic antenna (ANT24G24DB), without counterweight: 2.8Kg

- Typical counterweight for parabolic antenna (ANT24G24DB): 1.5 - 2Kg at 20 cm.

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