EtherMega Ethernet Arduino Compatible Microcontroller

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  • 100% Arduino Mega 2560 compatible with onboard Ethernet
  • ATmega2560 MCU with onboard Wiznet-based ethernet
  • Digital I/O pins: 54 (14 provide PWM output)
  • Automatically updates twitter and serves web pages
  • Make sure the power select jumper is on the desired mode

The EtherMega Ethernet Arduino Compatible Microcontroller is an ultimate network-connected Arduino-compatible board combining an ATmega2560 MCU, onboard Wiznet-based Ethernet, an ATmega16u2 USB-serial converter, a microSD card slot, and Power-over-Ethernet support, and even an onboard switchmode voltage regulator so it can run on up to 28V without overheating. The EtherMega is a 100% Arduino Mega 2560 compatible board that can talk to the world. Does Twitter updates automatically, serves web pages, connects to web services, displays sensor data online and controls devices using a web browser. The EtherMega uses the same ATmega2560 as the Arduino Mega 2560 so it has masses of RAM, flash memory, and I/O pins, and also includes the same Wiznet W5100 chip used by the official Arduino Ethernet Shield, so it's 100% compatible with the Ethernet library and sketches.

EtherMega Ethernet Arduino Compatible Microcontroller

A micro SD card slot has been added so you can store web content on the card, or log data to it. It gets even better with space to squeeze in a small prototyping area, so now it's possible to build a complete, Internet-enabled Arduino device including your own custom parts all on a single board. You don't even need to use a prototyping shield for many projects.

EtherMega Ethernet Arduino Compatible Microcontroller



  • Gold-plated PCB
  • Top and bottom parts overlays
  • Powerful and versatile ATmega2560 MCU
  • Switchmode voltage regulator for wide input voltage range
  • D13 pin isolated with a MOSFET so you can use it as an input
  • Optional Power-over-Ethernet support, both cheapie DIY or full 8023af standards-compliant
  • Ethernet activity indicators on both the PCB and the jack
  • 10/100base-T auto-selection
  • Fully compatible with standard Ethernet library
  • Reset management chip
  • Fixed SPI behavior on Ethernet chipset
  • Robust power filtering
  • Sexy rounded corners



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