Hiwonder ArmPi Pro Raspberry Pi ROS Robotic Arm Developer Kit with 4WD Mecanum Wheel Chassis Open Source Robot Car

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  • Powered by Raspberry Pi and based on the Robot Operating System (ROS)
  • Equipped with a high definition wide angle camera
  • Supports first person view (FPV) image transmission
  • Features a powerful vehicle chassis for omni directional movement
  • Open source and abundant tutorial materials available

The Hiwonder Armpi Pro Raspberry Pi ROS Robotic Arm Developer Kit w/ 4WD Mecanum Wheel Chassis Open Source Robot Caris developed upon the Armpi FPV Vision Robotic Arm, adding an omni directional mecanum wheel car which can realize moving, picking, target tracking, and intelligent transporting. The removable mecanum wheel car makes it flexible to switch between two models: desktop robotic arm and mobile robotic arm. With ample tutorials and open source Python codes, the Armpi Pro is the perfect platform to learn ROS, robot technology and robot vision, reducing the project development period and allowing for a full experience of AI.

1. Omni Directional Movement and First Person View

1) 360 Degrees Omni Directional Movement

The Armpi Pro is equipped with four high performance encoder geared motors and four omni directional mecanum wheels, enabling 360 degree movement. The various movement modes (forward, horizontal, diagonal, and rotational) and excellent performance make it suitable for challenging complex routes.

2) Object Transport and First Person View

The Armpi Pro is loaded with an Armpi FPV Vision Robotic Arm, allowing for easy picking and transporting of the target. When combined with the HD camera ending in the robot arm, it can provide a first person view.

2. AI Vision Recognition and Target Tracking

The Armpi Pro uses OpenCV as its image processing library and utilizes the FPV camera to recognize and locate the target block, enabling color sorting, target tracking, line following, and other AI games.

1) Color Tracking

Through vision positioning of the target object and inverse kinematics algorithm of the robotic arm, the target object can be accurately targeted and tracked.

2) Color Sorting

With abundant tutorials and open source Python codes, the robotic arm can carry out color recognition, picking, and sorting.

3) Line Following

Line following is implemented by ROI area extracting with OpenCV, noise elimination, image binarization, and direction calibration with PID algorithm.

3. APP Control and FPV Transmitted Image

Android and iOS apps are available for robot remote control. Through the app, you can control the robot in real time and switch between various AI games with just one tap.

1) First Person View and HD Transmitted Image

The Armpi Pro supports WLAN and WIFI direct connection modes. After WiFi connection, the first person view will be transmitted to the app interface, providing an exciting and realistic robot control experience.

2) Real Time Remote Control and Picking and Transporting

Use the app to control the Armpi Pro to move, pick, and transport with ease.

3) Quickly Experience AI Games

Switch game modes easily and quickly to experience various AI games.

4. Hardware Features

1) Hard Aluminium Alloy

The hard aluminium alloy protects the core control board from shattering and shock, and can bear heavier loads.

2) Encoder Motor and Encoder Motor Driver

The encoder motor with a large reduction rate can offer accurate calculation of wheel speed and travel distance. The four channel encoder motor driver contributes to easier motor control.

3) HD 120 Degrees Wide Angle Camera

The Armpi Pro is loaded with a 120 degree wide angle camera, allowing it to look around 180 degrees and up and down 180 degrees. Combined with the mecanum chassis car, its visual range is up to 360 degrees.

4) High Performance Serial Bus Servo

It can provide voltage and position feedback, and stronger force. Its built in anti blocking algorithm results in a longer service life.

5) 12000mAh Large Capacity Lipo Battery

The built in 12000mAh large capacity Lipo battery greatly invigorates the robot and prolongs its working life.

1x Armpi FPV robotic arm (assembled)

1x Armpi Pro chassis bracket set

1x 4 channel encoder motor driver

1x 7. 4V 12000mAh 2C Lipo battery

4x 8V encoder motor

4x Mecanum wheel

1x Map

1x 8. 4V 2A charger

6x Block (

3x 3cm)

3x Ball

3x Tag (

3x 3cm)

1x Card reader

1x Accessory Bag

298 mm x 256 mm x 521 mm

Dimensions: 298 x 256 x 521 mm

Weight: 3.6 kg

Material: Metal bracket

Camera Resolution: 480P

Robotic Arm Degrees of Freedom: 5 DOF + Gripper

Power: 7.4V 12000mAh 2C Lipo Battery

Continuous Working Time: Approximately 90 minutes

Hardware: Raspberry Pi 4B (4GB) + Raspberry Pi Expansion Board

Software: VNC + iOS/Android App

Communication: Wi Fi, Ethernet

Servo: Single Shaft/LX 15D/LX 225 Serial Servo

Control Method: PC/App Control

Package Size: 36 x 32 x 12 cm + 51 x 30 x 16 cm

Package Weight: Approximately 4.3 kg

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