JetArm JETSON NANO Robot Arm ROS Open Source Vision Recognition Program Robot (Standard Kit, Depth Camera)

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  • Note: JetArm is available in four versions (Starter kit/Standard kit/Advanced kit/Ultimate kit). Please select the desired version according to the specific configurations offered in each version.
  • Powered by Jetson Nano, JetArm is a desktop-level AI vision robot arm developed for ROS education scenarios.
  • A High-performance Vision Robot Arm equipped with an HD camera offers a first-person perspective for object gripping tasks.
  • Equipped with a high-performance 3D depth camera, it can realize free grabbing in 3D scene and other AI projects.
  • JetArm ultimate kit incorporates a circular microphone array and speaker allowing for man-robot interaction applications.

For other three versions of the JetArm robot arm, please navigate their respective product page via the links below:

JetArm Starter Kit:

JetArm Advanced Kit:

JetArm Ultimate Kit:

Product Description

JetArm is a desktop-level AI vision robotic arm developed by Hiwonder for ROS education scenarios. It is equipped with a 3D depth camera, combines 3D vision technology with robotic arm control, and is equipped with high-torque intelligent bus servos, NVIDIA Jetson Nano master control, High-performance hardware such as a 7-inch touch screen, far-field microphone array, and speakers can not only realize 3D motion control of the robot, but also identify, track, and grab target objects in 3D scene.

1) Depth Vision, 3D Scene Flexible Grabbing

The end of the JetArm robot arm is equipped with a high-performance 3D depth camera, which can realize target recognition, tracking and grabbing. Through RGB+D fusion detection, JetArm can also realize flexible grabbing in 3D scene.

2) All-metal Structure, Bearing Base

The body of the robot arm adopts an all-metal structure, and the surface is anodized, making it exquisite and beautiful. The base uses industrial-grade bearings to meet high-demand grabbing projects.

3) Wrapped Structure Design, Beautiful Wiring

JetArm adopts a wrapped structure design, and the wiring of the servo can be hidden inside the fuselage, making the outside of the fuselage clean and tidy.

4) Circular Microphone Array

The circular microphone array is divided into a microphone array and a module motherboard. It has stronger overall performance and a sound pickup range of up to 10m.

1. 3D Depth Vision Al Upgraded Interaction

Equipped with a Gemini plus 3D depth camera, JetArm can effectively perceive environmental changes, allowing for intelligent Al interaction with humans.

1) RGB+D Detection, 3D Scene Flexible Grabbing

JetArm's 3D depth camera can fuse RGB information and depth information, and can perceive the color and pointcloud depth data of objects, enriching the geometric expression of abject spatial information.Through the inverse kinematics algoritm, JetArm can realize high-level Al projects such as flexible grabbing, sorting, and transportation in 3D scene.

2) 3D Depth Point Cloud Recognition

Through the corresponding APl of the depth camera, JetArm can obtain the depth map, color map and point cloud map of the detection environment, and then obtain the RGB data, position coordinates, and depth information of the target item to achieve shape recognition, color sorting, height measurrement, material detection, etc.

3) Target Object Shape Recognition

By obtaining the depth point cloud data of the object, the shape of the object can be identified and the analysis results are transmitted to the robot arm.

4) Regional Target Height Measurement

By obtaining the depth point cloud data of the object, the height of the object can be identified, thereby realizing the game of removing highly abnormal objects.

2. Al Vision Recognition Target Tracking

JetArm's 3D depth camera is equipped with an RGB lens. The robot arm uses OpencV as the image processing library, supports Al intelligent image recognition, and can realize a varietyof intelligent vision gamep such as color recognition and tag recognition.

1) Color Sorting

JetArm can recognize and sort color blocks of different colors.In addition to standard colors, JetArm can also recognize a variety of custom colors.

2) Tag Recognition, Intelligent Stacking

JetArm can recognize different AprilTags and determine the position of the tag block to achieve intelligent stacking.

3) Target Tracking

JetArm can locate and track targets, cnd we can also use machine learning to let JetArm track more trained target items.

3. Upgraded Inverse Kinematics Algorithm

JetArm has a high-level inverse kinematics algorithm, which can move to any coordinate in 3D scene, and the path planning of the robot arm can also be realized by Python programming.

1) Target Detection, Joint Adaptive Adjustment

JetArm can detect target items within the recognition area and calculate the position coordinates and placement angle of the target item. Combined with the inverse kinematics algorithm of the robot arm, each joint angle is adaptively adjusted to achieve free grabbing.

2) 3D Scene Motion Control

JetArm can use inverse kinematics algorithms to achieve linear motion and path planning in 3D scene.

3) Provides Source Code for DH Model and Inverse Kinematics

Provide the inverse kinematics analysis, coordinate DH model and inverse kinematics function source code of the JetArm robot arm, and input the end coordinates of the robot arm greatly shortening the project development time.

4. Deep Learning Model Training

JetArm uses neural networks such as GoogLeNet, Yolo, and mtcnn, which can perform deep learning on the target to generate a trained model.

1) Waste Sorting

JetArm's kit is equipped with garbage pattern blocks. By loading the corresponding model, JetArm can quickly recognize different garbage and place it in the corresponding classification area.

2) Item Sorting

By training models of daily items and generating correspond-ing models, with the support of depth camera, JetArm can quickly recognize and grab corresponding items by obtaining the depth information of the items.

3) MediaPipe Development, Upgraded Al Interaction

JetArm utilizes MediaPipe development framework to accomplish various functions, such as human body recognition, fingertip recognition, face detection, and 3D detection.

4) Fingertip Trajectory Control

Based on the detection ofthe distance between fingertips, JetAmm can perform correspending actions.

5. Gazebo Simulation

The JetArm robotic arm is developed using the ROS framework and supports GAZEBO simulation. The robotic arm is controlled and algorithm verified in a virtual environment, which reduces the requirements for the experimental environment and improves experimental efficiency.

6. Provide Multi-platform SDK

Provides a multi-platform (Windows/Android/Linux) software development kit that can quickly obtain depth/RGB/skeleton and other information recognized by the camera. It has built-in filtering algorithms to facilitate secondary development.

7. Various Control Methods

1) WonderAi App

2) PC Software

3) Wireless Handle

JetArm Standard Kit:

1* JetArm standard version (assembled)

1* 12V 5A power adapter (two-prong dc 4.0*1.7mm)

1* Card reader

1* Wireless handle

1* Suction cups

1* Screwdriver+Accessory bag

1* Waste Cards

1* Wooden blocks (4*4cm/3*3cm)

1* Colored blocks (3*3cm)

1* Tags (3*3cm)

1* Double-side tape

1* (Cuboid*2+Cylinder*2+Ball)

1* Map

1* User manual


Size: 339*165*532mm

Weight: About 2400g(ultimate kit)

Material: Full-metal aluminum alloy bracket

Battery: 12V 5A DC adapter

Operating system: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS +ROS Melodic

Software: IOS/ Android APP

Communication: USB/Wi-Fi/Ethernet

Programming language: Python/ C/ C++/ JavaScript

Servo: HTS-21H/HTD-35H/HX-12H bus servo

Package size(ultimate kit):385*295*175mm

Package weight(ultimate kit): About 4000g

You can access the tutorial of the JetArm robot arm via the following link:

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